Why The NFL Is So Popular In The USA

Why The NFL Is So Popular In The USA
Despite the NBA’s increasing popularity and the rising interest in basketball in general, it’s safe to say that the NFL still comes out on top when it comes to the most popular sport in the USA and it doesn’t like it'll be knocked off this perch any time soon.
Although there are probably thousands who wouldn’t blink an eyelid at this information, you might be asking yourself exactly why the NFL is so popular in the USA and why Americans young and old fall over themselves in support of their favorite football team?
This article will briefly look at some of the fundamental reasons why the NFL is, and will likely always be, one of the most popular sports in the USA.
Player Press Coverage
One of the key reasons why people get so invested in the NFL is because they’re following their favorite teams or even individual players in the press coverage, and this allows them to form a deeper connection or attachment to the team and therefore the sport as well. 
Rival or opposing teams are pitted against each other for public entertainment which helps to fuel the fire of fan support and attracts more of an interest before upcoming games.
Viewing Ratings
According to an article from the Hollywood Reporter, “the average NFL regular season game drew about 15.4 million viewers” with “a 37.5% advantage” to the NFL compared to the other most-watched shows during primetime, and that’s without including delayed viewing figures.
It’s clear then that the NFL is deeply ingrained within American culture, so part of its popularity comes from the fact that it’s a great topic of conversation to share between friends or colleagues where you can discuss the results of the latest game over a cup of coffee.
You Can Make Money
Sports betting is a highly lucrative industry. Armed with the right knowledge and a bit of betting know-how, you can make some serious money on the next NFL game.
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League Parity
The equal revenue sharing and salary cap rules in the NFL ensure there is better league parity, meaning there is more equality between the different teams.
Not only does this mean games are more exciting but it will also be more of an even playing field.
Enjoyable Sporting-Related Events
Whether it’s a barbeque cookout for you, your friends, and your family, a tailgating event, or a Superbowl party; plenty of events that have become practically an honored tradition in thousands of households across America are tied up in their association with the NFL.
That’s not to say that these events couldn't or wouldn’t exist if the NFL was permanently canceled as of tomorrow, but sometimes it can be nice to have a special sporting occasion or really any reason to get together with your nearest and dearest.
Academic as Well as Athletic Benefits
Many people assume that sports and studying don’t go together, but college football is considered as prestigious as the NFL in many ways and it can play a major role in the academic opportunities available to young Americans. 
Some high-school athletes are awarded entire academic scholarships to their preferred choice of college based on their athletic ability and promise of a potential future career.
Even if you don’t come out with a professional career in the NFL, you’ll still be coming out with an official degree that you might not have achieved without playing football.
Final Thoughts
While it may have been associated with misfortune, scandal, and violence in the past, the NFL has had a total image overhaul and is now widely regarded as a popular US sport.
The NFL has the power to positively affect all areas of the average American’s life, providing opportunities for work, study, to earn money, or to simply sit back and enjoy it! Whether you’re young or old, there’s nothing to stop you from getting involved with this beloved sport.