South Carolina Baseball 2021 NCAA Tournament Capsule

South Carolina Gamecocks

SEC (33-21, 16-14)

Coach: Mark Kingston
Key Field Players:
Andrew Eyster, Senior, OF, .287 BA, 11 HR, 42 RBI
Brady Allen, Junior, OF, .284 BA, 13 HR, 42 RBI, 12 SB
Josiah Sightler, Junior, IF, .281 BA, 7 HR, 29 RBI
Wes Clarke, Junior, IF/C, .275 BA, 22 HR, 53 RBI
Braylen Wimmer, Sophomore, IF, .274 BA, 11 HR, 31 RBI
Key Pitchers:
Thomas Farr, Junior, P, 4.03 ERA, 3-6 W/L, 76.0 IP, 86 SO
Brannon Jordan, Senior, P, 4.37 ERA, 5-5 W/L, 70.0 IP, 93 SO
Brett Kerry, Junior, P, 1.90 ERA, 5-1 W/L, 52.0 IP, 83 SO
Will Sanders, Freshman, P, 3.63 ERA, 6-3 W/L, 52.0 IP, 51 SO
By the Numbers:
Batting Average: .251 (228th in nation, 13th in conference)
Double Plays per Game: 0.58 (186, 11)
Doubles per Game: 1.72 (116, 6)
Earned Run Average: 3.87 (29, 4)
Fielding Percentage: .977 (41, 5)
Home Runs per Game: 1.43 (16, 5)
Scoring Offense: 5.8 (147, 12)
Slugging Percentage: .436 (84, 10)
Stolen Bases per Game: 0.60 (243, 11)
Triples per Game: 0.09 (259, 14)
Recent Postseason Appearances:
2018Regionaldefeated Ohio State, defeated East Carolina, defeated UNC Wilmington
2018Super Regionaleliminated by Arkansas
2016Regionallost to Rhode Island, defeated Duke, defeated Rhode Island, defeated UNC Wilmington, defeated UNC Wilmington
2016Super Regionaleliminated by Oklahoma State
2014Regionaldefeated Campbell, lost to Maryland, defeated Campbell, eliminated by Maryland
2013Regionaldefeated Saint Louis, defeated Liberty, defeated Liberty
2013Super Regionallost to North Carolina, defeated North Carolina, eliminated by North Carolina
2012Regionaldefeated Manhattan, defeated Clemson, defeated Clemson
2012Super Regionaldefeated Oklahoma, defeated Oklahoma
2012CWSdefeated Florida, lost to Arkansas, defeated Kent State, defeated Arkansas, defeated Arkansas, lost to Arizona, eliminated by Arizona
2011Regionaldefeated Georgia Southern, defeated Stetson, defeated Stetson
2011Super Regionaldefeated Connecticut
2011CWSdefeated Texas A&M, defeated Virginia, defeated Virginia
2011Championshipdefeated Florida
2010Regionaldefeated Bucknell, defeated Citadel, defeated Virginia Tech
2010Super Regionaldefeated Coastal Carolina
2010CWSlost to Oklahoma, defeated Arizona State, defeated Oklahoma, defeated Clemson, defeated Clemson
2010Championshipdefeated UCLA
2009Regionaldefeated George Mason, defeated East Carolina, lost to East Carolina, eliminated by East Carolina
2008Regionaldefeated Charlotte, lost to North Carolina State, defeated James Madison, eliminated by North Carolina State
2007Regionaldefeated Wofford, defeated Charlotte, defeated Charlotte
2007Super Regionaleliminated by North Carolina
*all team stats through 5/23