Can You Make Money On College Basketball?

Can You Make Money On College Basketball?
College basketball in the United States is a huge sporting industry, generating over $800 million each year through television and sponsorship deals. Betting on games has become extremely popular and can like any sport be a very good way to make some extra cash. With so many games being played each and every year the chance of winning is pretty good. The market is huge with over 350 teams participating in 30 conferences in the National Collegiate Athletic Association Basketball, the list of games is hard to keep up with.
With the popularity of college basketball rising for players and supporters each year the gambling industry takes a huge interest in the sport. This presents the bettor with immense opportunities. The industry is worth billions of dollars to bookmakers for basketball and with so many games being played it presents a good opportunity for a keen gambler. “March Madness” is the perfect example of the intensity of the sport and the money spent on gambling goes insane. Here a few guidelines on gambling and hopefully winning on the National Collegiate Athletic Association Basketball sessions.
Don’t Get Carried Away and Make a Plan
When many people bet it is often impulse and sometimes it pays off but these bets do often end in loss. We have all done this and the feeling when you win is great but it’s not really the best way to be a successful gambler. Studying form and watching as many games as you can is a good strategy to judge and gauge how the team you are wanting to bet on than just going with your gut. Form guides are easily accessible either online or in the printed press, of course, this does not guarantee success when you place the bet but can give you a clear insight in how a team is playing either home or away on the road.
Winning is great but try not to get too confident in your success. Knowing when to stop betting is easier said than done, the same rules apply to casinos, tomorrow is a new day and there are always more games on to place bets on. Sometimes it seems easy to win but it is just as easy to lose and stick to your budget and strategy is essential to make gambling in any sport successful.
Keep a Record of Wins and Losses
Regardless of the sport, you are gambling on it is important to keep track of your wins and losses. Keeping a record can help you keep a financial record especially important if you are a regular gambler. Knowing just how much you have been winning and losing can help determine whether it is time for a rethink of strategy. Being able to track the previous bets can help avoid making the same mistakes and the potential of loss.
By keeping a simple spreadsheet of your bets you can monitor where your strategy is winning or potentially losing your money. Many gamblers often don’t keep track of their bets and usually only talk of the wins that they had but it is important to understand both wins and losses. Being aware of betting trends and doing what works best for you cannot be overstated. This method many professional gamblers will swear to.
Using Information is Key to Any College Basketball Bettor 
The main element that any successful gambler uses is information. It is something that is often overlooked by many. It would appear that many gamblers just seem to be lucky but any professional gambler always does their research before placing bets, especially large sums of money on any sport. The top college basketball teams have a wealth of information available to the potential gambler. Just because a team is a favorite it doesn’t mean they will win, often injuries are not reported until the last minute in the hope the player may be fit enough to play. Staying informed about the teams and being aware of injuries before placing a bet is essential.
With so many games in college basketball, it is hard to watch all the games. Try to watch games that are not your preferred teams and make up your own mind about how they are playing. Often the digital and printed press, especially local, can be biased. This is also true of watching short highlights of matches, showing only the winning team’s accomplishments and not how well the losing team may have played. Try to watch the entire game and with so much access via the internet and the official NBA channels your profit margins could be greatly increased.
Try to be Specific in Betting Within College Basketball
With so many teams participating in college basketball, it’s impossible to keep track of all the results and forms of the 350 teams. Imagine going to an online casino and trying to learn all the many games there. It is better to focus on one region or conference and not be overwhelmed by the enormity of college basketball within the United States. If you want to try an online kasyno then look for one game that you can learn and practice it such as poker or blackjack.
If you have a favorite team that you like to bet on, it doesn’t have to be the team you support, you will have done your homework on them, and by default the other teams they are facing in their league. This narrows the field of your knowledge but gives you an edge when deciding which team to bet on.
By keeping your knowledge specific to a certain league or division it may seem like you are missing out on other opportunities but it can increase the chance of winning. Also, it is often tempting to bet on your local or favorite team and this can mean undisciplined betting and careless gambling. Bets driven by the love of your team are clouded by loyalty and good judgment often goes out the window. Regardless of whether you are a lifelong fan, be honest with yourself about the team’s form before deciding to place the bet, you may even have to bet against them if that is the best way to make some money from gambling.
Don’t Just Look at the Odds, Talk to Friends Before Placing Bets
Friends are there for you through thick and thin, whether it is helping you when you most need it or shoulder to cry on that’s what friends are for. Gambling is no different, you may feel you have enough information and have watched enough games to be confident in placing your bets but it is still a good idea to ask your friends or family if they have any advice for you. They may have read or seen something that you missed when researching the game.
Use an online casino and sportsbook to help you find the best odds. Online casinos not only have other games you can play such as poker, blackjack and roulette, but they normally have a sportsbook too. Here you can compare odds from one sportsbook to another to get the best ones.
With so much information on college basketball available it is impossible to keep track of it all and a bit of healthy advice from somebody who does want you to win is always helpful. You don’t need to take it but at least you may be a bit more informed and hopefully place a winning bet.
College basketball is great for players, spectators, and gamblers, whether you bet for fun or gamble seriously it has it all. With so many games on each night during the season, it is easy to lose focus and to lose money. Set a weekly budget and have a plan in place, try to keep to both, and enjoy the games and hopefully the money that will come with each win.
Another way you can enjoy betting on college basketball is to do a pool at work. Get your colleagues to join and when everyone knows how to play and win the office basketball pool you can have some fun without betting wildly.