Why College Athletes Shouldn't Be Paid Opinion


Why College Athletes Shouldn't Be Paid Opinion

Student-athletes and money matters are two irreconcilable differences that are always surrounded by arguments and debates. Some sports experts believe that top prospects should be paid since they are the future of the sport. While representatives of educational establishments believe it would not be fair to pay them, while other students get no monetary benefits. Let’s overlook the most sound cons of providing compensation to college athletes.

Top 10 Reasons on How Compensations May Affect College Athletes

First off, it is worth saying that sports, in particular, football teams within the college, bring much money to the education establishment. They attract viewers, make people pay for snacks, and, on some occasions, for entrance to major events. Other students meanwhile look for money. For example, to get assistance with writing papers. CustomWritings.com, a legitimate essay writing company that provides paper help at least make advances with affordable rates. 

So, logically to assume, should athletes have something back into their pockets and others not? Colleges and universities have their word about it.

#1 Bind to Contracts

There is no practice of paying athletes just for fun. There should be a contract like in civilized sports practices. Imagine a football player who receives a salary but who plays without any contract. Colleges believe that student-athletes should be bound by only studying agreements, hence, receive scholarships for their studying successes. Check Tim Tebow, former college quarterback opinion.

#2 Not Fair to Other Students

Most debates around this topic are caused by not fair positions toward other students. Athletes are not considered the only students who struggle to afford tuition, books, and other expenses. Therefore, there should be no payment to them to not build hatred within students’ society.

#3 Athletes Will Neglect Studying

One more thing about payments and athletes is that once they are paid, they will focus on sports more because they are rewarded. While their studying processes will be compromised, they will skip classes. Just imagine - what will scare a student more: lose money and be expelled from the team or get a poor grade? The answer is pretty obvious.

#4 Athletes Get More Chances for Scholarships

If you have ever experienced an admission process, you are probably aware that many colleges offer more scholarships for top prospects in one or another sport. It is already unfair if they can receive additional benefits with payments from each game. It seems like they are the best students even though they can skip classes.

#5 Colleges Aren’t Sports Establishments

Athletes should not be paid when they are not professionals. When enrolling in a college, the primary reason is to get training and gain knowledge for one or another specialization. Sports just come as extra that powers the students’ time with fun and hobby. So, once they are hired professionally to join the state team, they may be compensated. 

#6 It Will Raise the College Fees

Who is going to pay the athletes? If there is no investor who voluntarily wants to help his local team, a college will be a financial institution. It means that the tuition will be raised in cost, and books will become more expensive. Hence, students who cannot afford the present tuition fees will face the need to discontinue their education just to help athletes get money.

#7 Why Only Football Teams?

For your consideration, most of the debates go around football team payments. Therefore, only footballers can enjoy money for their games. But, what about other teams within a college? Are the tennis teams worse? Are basketball players non-effective? Payments will lead to another dispute, and students won’t want to join anything related to sports, while football team recruitment becomes more complicated.

#8 They Are Already Benefited

When it comes to popular and large colleges, their student-athletes get paid for some extras. For example, they get free insurance because they are exposed to injury risks. Then, they get the best gyms to work out. On some occasions, they get food, transportation. Do not forget about free tuition. So, accumulating all benefits - should they additionally get paid?

#9 Some Players Aren’t So Good

This statement may sound strange, however, imagine if the whole team is paid for every game. You can guess that some players are worse than others, but they get paid as well as encouraged to work better. It is again not fair for those students who pay themselves. Beyond that, it may also provoke conflicts among players.

#10 Argues Between Players

It is a normal practice to have leaders and outsiders in the teams. Imagine if one player thinks that he should earn more, while his teammates do not deserve a dollar. Especially, it concerns the events when players sit on a bench during the whole gameplay.

Finally, do not forget that during these hard days linked to COVID-19 spread, many students cannot make ends meet. Some of them experience personal losses, while others discontinue education. If paying athletes, they will be considered privileged. Besides, tuition fees will be lifted again due to the necessity of organizing COVID-19 tests for each training.

The Bottom Line

So, why shouldn’t college athletes be paid? They can receive this chance if the college has an investor, but it may provoke arguments between other students. Athletes who play for colleges are not considered professionals. Then, athletes, by receiving monetary compensation, may greatly neglect studying, while other students will tickle their nerves with every assignment and exam.

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