A Foreigner's Guide to the Online Gambling Business in Australia

A Foreigner's Guide to the Online Gambling Business in Australia
Australia is famous for many things: kangaroos, emus, venomous reptiles, searing summer heat, and having among the most successful online gambling industries. The land down under has been indulging in the activity since European settlers flocked the region during their global expeditions. However, the recognition of gambling as a legal activity in Australia traces back to 1973 when the first-ever license was awarded to West Point Hotel Casino, an establishment in Tasmania. This fueled the provision of indulgence in other destinations that spread to different states across the country.
The gambling industry in Australia exploded when the internet was invented in the late 20th century. Its continued growth in the 21st continues to do wonders for revenue generation. Since the continent boasts a thriving economy, it serves as a perfect ground for gambling operators to offer their services. The industry has exploded so much that 80% of adult residents indulge in the activity. This rate makes Australia the most gambling nation in the world, ahead of other heavyweights like the United Kingdom and Canada.
Gamblers invest over 191 million dollars in different gambling activities and lose more than 227 million dollars. This value equates to every resident above eighteen years spending over 1200 dollars on gambling per annum, which is alarming. Nevertheless, it benefits the region's economy thanks to revenue collection.
Australia Gambling Laws
The laws that regulate the Australian gambling industry favour the player over any other involved party. In the past, the role of gambling regulation was delegated to individual state without influence from the federal government. This proved beneficial for the authorities since the niche generated significant revenue that cushioned state expenses. This changed when the Commonwealth sought to control the industry with the alarming rise of gambling among Australian citizens, especially with its accessibility online.
Senators Jocelyn Newman and Richard Alston were the first to point out the government's necessity to control casinos. The tabled bill called for the gambling sector's assessment to identify its community welfare effects that accompanied its high revenue generation. It also pointed out possible measures to put in place to make the industry better. The Commonwealth saw it fit to get a grip of the industry and passed the Interactive Gambling Act 2001, which brought the most significant change to the industry since gambling in Australia was legalized. The bill changed a lot of things, but it mainly focused on;
  •  Addressing the impacts of problem gambling, especially on the family unit and how it reflected on the community
  •  Controlling the expansion of casinos across the country
  •  Protecting Australian gamblers from too much gambling exposure
  •  Understanding how internet gambling worked and the new opportunities and challenges it was likely to present
The IGA moved on to ban the provision of interactive gambling services to any Australian resident. Therefore, punters could not access popular indulgences like pokies https://onlineslotsx.com/free-online-pokies/ and table games. However, the destinations were open to residents of other countries across the globe. Also, casinos were banned from using advertisement media for selling their services, including billboards, print media, and hoardings.
This law was only reviewed recently in 2016 to loosen up some limitations, but it still maintained the government's iron grip on casinos. The bill allows casinos to offer interactive gambling, but anything involving real money has to include spending limit settings to limit the players going into debt due to the activity. Also, gambling dens can't loan money to players for stake placement. Each state was assigned a body to oversee the implementation of these laws, and some of them include;
  •  Victoria – Victorian Casino and Gaming Authority
  •  Queensland – Queensland Office of Gaming Regulation
  •  Tasmania – Tasmanian Gaming Commission
  •  Independent statutory authority – ACT Racing and Gambling Commission
While these laws have repercussions for operators that fail to meet them, the same does not apply to gamblers. Therefore, they can access services from any online gambling club, both locally and internationally, without being on the wrong side of the law. The lack of control on the gamblers' end contributes to the continued rise of gambling addiction, which has been labelled a severe public health issue in the country.
Australian Online Casino
While gambling in Australia is now labelled a significant risk, it can be a fruitful venture for those who can enjoy it within reasonable limits. The country enjoys a vast collection of games and casinos in which they can be accessed. If you fall within this responsible category, you are still tasked with choosing an ideal gambling den in which to enjoy your favourite games. Some of the features to look out for when selecting the best Australian casino include;
  •  Accessibility to Australian punters
A casino may offer the best services online, but all that means nothing if it is not available to Australian gamblers. Most gambling clubs indicate the countries in which they offer services. It is advisable only to consider those that add Australia to their list.
  •  Licenses and seals of approval
Australian gamblers have access to both local and international casinos. In both cases, checking the licensing information is crucial to ensure that the provided games and services are fair and legitimate. Some international licensing firms that hold weight include the UK Gambling Commission, Gibraltar Regulatory Authority, Malta Gaming Authority, and AAMS Italy. Seals of approval from RNG reviewing sites like eCOGRA, GLI, and iTech Labs also prove its fairness.
  •  Security measures
Australian casinos focus on providing secure services just like any other region with booming gambling industry. Gambling dens with the best security measures use SSL encryption that ensures any data send between the player's browser and casino server is encrypted and can only be read once a decryption key is provided.
  •  Partnered software providers
Casino partners say a lot about its reputation, even for Australian ones. Most reputable software developers do not jump into business with just anyone. They assess a gaming site's credibility and see if its values are aligned with what they would like their audience to enjoy.
Wrap Up
The Australian gambling industry continues to balloon in revenue generation and popularity every year. The country's gambling opportunities are endless, and some of the gaming sites available in the region are also accessible in other countries.