Top Sports Colleges in India


Sports and education have enjoyed a close relationship for several decades after all a sound mind is often a function of good instruction, proper nutrition, and physical conditioning. Sports ought to be an integral part of education. With the growing profile of sports as a professional career, the attraction of sporting schools in India appears to be gaining momentum based on the number of sporting colleges operational within the country. Based on its status as the second-most populous nation in the world, India has the needed manpower to compete favorably at global sporting events. While the national sport is cricket, other sports like soccer and tennis are gaining traction. Interestingly, prospective sports stars no longer have to completely jettison their academics for a career in sports, sports colleges provide a medium for the two to be combined.

Sponsorship is a major factor that can peg the growth of sports, however, the private sector can step in by investing in the sector. The rise of sports in India is encouraging as it could pave the pathway for employment for teeming youths. Coincidentally sports betting in India will benefit from the rise of sporting activities in the country. A major factor behind this is because online betting is legal in the country and profits made by betting companies could be ploughed into sponsoring sporting competitions among the sporting colleges in the country. Likewise, this gesture can be extended to non-academic environments as well.

Students attending sports schools don’t just get to study a sports-related course they also stand a chance to represent India in a sports tournament. However, it is recommended that students interested in gunning for national and international fame target the top competitive sports colleges so they can hone their skills in a competitive environment before venturing out into sports professionally.  

College of Physical Education, Pune

This is one of the notable schools to enroll for students interested in pursuing bachelor’s and master’s programs in sports-related courses in India. Admission is mostly based on merit considering that students from this college are reputed to have represented India in international tournaments, hence in a bid to protect the reputation of the college, the recruitment style may be strict. This is why; it is one of the schools that should be considered by anyone willing to get to the pinnacle of their sporting career.

Indira Gandhi Institute of Physical Education and Sports Sciences, New Delhi

Established in 1987, this school offers a 3-year Bachelor of Science program, 2 years Masters Program as well as a postgraduate diploma course which will grant students a more concise understanding of sports. The added advantage of attending this school is that the sports courses offered are recognized by the National Council of Teacher Education. 

Lakshmibai National College of Physical Education, Thiruvananthapuram

is a government-owned institution dedicated to sporting excellence in sports in the country. The college offers bachelor’s and master’s degree programs. Courses offered include sports psychology, Physical Education Pedagogy, Sports Biomechanics etc. Students interested in attending this school would be subjected to an entrance exam which would determine their chances of being offered admission.

Bombay Physical Culture Association's College of Physical education, Mumbai

This school was created in 1978 and is an affiliate of the University of Mumbai. The college is situated in Mumbai in Maharashtra state. It offers a variety of courses with different time durations. Programs available for study include 1-year B.P.Ed, 2 years Master's Course, and a 2-year Ph.D. program depending on the interest and qualifications of the prospective student.

Netaji Subhas National Institute of Sports, Patiala

Also known as the National Institute of Sports, it is considered as one of Asia's largest sports institutes. It offers a diploma and program in sports coaching as well as a postgraduate diploma in sports medicine. The school is located in Patiala, Punjab. The school also offers certificate courses in sports coaching.

Even though sporting activities are aimed at improving the physical and general wellbeing of the general populace, it has proven to also hold significant influence in cogent issues like politics, fighting discrimination and help foster gender equality. Sport has the potential to contribute significantly to the Indian economy and it is recommended that the government explores the abundant prospect available therein. While sporting excellence relies majorly on physical traits and abilities, teaching and instruction can also help to prune the skill set of the individuals and help them maximize their inherent abilities. Some of Indians famous sports personalities also attended schools. For instance, Vijay Amritraj, Dinesh Karthik, and Viswanathan Anand are all alumni of Don Bosco School in Chennai. It has been proven that the nexus between sports and education is capable of ensuring a healthy and productive society. This is consequent upon the ability of sports to provide a source of income as well as entertainment for the populace.