Why College Football Is Better Than NFL

Why College Football Is Better Than NFL
We have all heard from our childhood that the NFL is one of the most exciting seasons of American Football. All the famous cities come together to play a competitive season that is full of fun games. However, for football fun, there is no limit to how many games he can watch. The craze of football is so deeply rooted in most fans that you can simply strap them to a chair and feed football right into their veins, and they will still be wanting more.
However, with the NFL becoming repetitive each year with the same players, it can sometimes become boring. To fight this boredom, football fans look for a different outlet, and it comes in the shape of college football. You might think that just because it has the word 'college' attached to it, the level of competition is low, but I am here to convince you otherwise. In this article, I am going to highlight the top reasons why college football is better than the NFL.
Better Rivalries and More Passion
The very first and undoubtedly the best reason why college football is better than the NFL is that the level of passion and rivalry that you see in the young college players is unmatchable. Players actually care about the teams that they are playing in, and they give the stew of their brow to make sure that they come out on top. While there might be some good rivalries in the NFL too, things get much more electrifying in college football with each player trying to become a famous person in his institute.
You Don't Have to Spend Huge Money on Tickets
Another reason why I am always going to prefer college football over NFL is that the former is much easier and cheaper to watch. If you want to watch an NFL match in the stadium with a good seat, it is almost going to cost you north of $300. When you compare it with college football, not only can you easily watch it on any sports channel you want to, but the season ticket prices start from $60 and go as high as $150. However, I will have to admit that there is better coverage for the NFL. For example, if you want to watch the NFL mock draft 2021, you can easily do so by browsing the website.
Enticing Atmosphere and Better Fans
When it comes to the atmosphere of the NFL games and college football, there is not much of a debate. There is nothing that can come close to replicating the passion of the players involved with all the marching bands and mascots. Just like the players involved in the games are passionate, the fans are even more involved in the game and in the teams. As the players and fans involved have actually spent their student years in that specific college, they will have more hunger to represent it and win something for it.
Saturdays Vs. Sundays
Last but not least, everyone understands how Saturdays are much better than Sundays. You come home on Friday after a hard day's work, and you lay in bed knowing that you have nothing to do the next day but watch college football. If you want to go watch the match in the stadium, you can also easily do it on a Saturday. However, things start to get a bit frustrating on Sundays as you are constantly feeling the pressure of going to work the next morning. So, even if you watch an NFL game, you will still have the feeling of having to go to work hanging on your back.