Tips on How to Deposit Money in an Online Casino


The Best Methods and Tips on How to Deposit Money in an Online Casino

Making a deposit in an online casino is not complicated and does not pose a threat to the safety of users as many people, who are just planning to start gambling, might think. Therefore, it is not bad to briefly explain what online payment systems are for. Digital wallet or online banking is a reality for modern business, so it is the case for both Internet games and online casinos.

In addition to the fact that various options for payment over the Internet, i.e. money transfer to online casinos, offer security as intermediaries between the parties, they are also a great way to save money for easier and more relaxed shopping over the Internet. However, that is not all as these systems also provide numerous benefits of Internet gambling through their services and agreements with online casinos, such as casino bonuses.

Why Use an E-Wallet to Deposit Money Into an Online Casino?

There are countless benefits that make a good selection of digital wallets useful for casino players. The main advantage is the security of users, which means that all users of the digital wallet avoid submitting personal data directly to online casinos.

Users provide personal data to the most well-known online payment systems such as PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, and others not so known given they are tied to specific countries or regions such as Swish or Sofort. Gamblers can use these only in the limited number of online bookmakers presented at All in all, well-known online payment systems pose as a secure option themselves given they have built their reputation for Internet payments on a moral and guaranteed obligation to protect your data.

The main advantage is that opening an account in an Internet bank opens the possibility of using the paid money for various purposes with often lower or non-existent fees for exchanging money between users and the like. The systems also offer different benefits for different online casinos. The online casino where you want to deposit your money and enjoy playing online casino games can be specialized for a certain payment system, so you can come across Neteller online casinos, Skrill online casinos, and the like. Also, there are online casino bonuses that online casinos offer as part of a special agreement made with a selected money transfer intermediary system.

Common Features of the E-Wallet System

E-wallet systems for online shopping are similar to each other, but again different enough that based on these differences, benefits, costs, and currency conversion fees, you can decide on your favorite payment system. Their common feature is that for each of them you need to have a bank account, credit or debit card, etc. which you would connect to a payment system, all in order to be able to deposit money and start playing in online casinos.

Depending on the chosen system and the way you want to deposit the money, it depends on how quickly the money for gambling will be available, so it usually takes more days for the money to be deposited when it was sent from a bank account than when it was sent from a credit card. Many systems also offer their own free cards as part of the promotion, which can be used at ATMs or are very cheap. All these systems we recommend in the continuation of the article are well organized, secure, up-to-date, and always have customer service available.

Types of E-Wallet Systems and Casinos


This is one of the types of money transfer systems over the Internet, and the key advantage of Neteller compared to other systems is that it is compatible with almost all casinos, so depositing money in an online casino is maximally facilitated for the needs of players. That is why, in the Neteller offer, you can apply for a free Net+ MasterCard debit card as a convenience for Neteller users when creating an account.

The money can be paid through the form on the website, through a bank account, or through the transfer of money from a credit card. In addition, there is Neteller rewarding, which this company offers to users through a welcome bonus, VIP Neteller club, various campaigns, but also through collecting points for various gifts and benefits. Neteller has favorable fees (from 1.25 % to 2.95 %), and the availability of customer support is excellent.


Formerly known as Moneybookers, Skrill is one of the most used methods for depositing money in online casinos and playing casino games in the same, but also with a long tradition for shopping online. Fast and reliable, with several levels of user authentication, it guarantees the security of its users and facilitates money transactions on the Internet.

It is open to various sources of payment of money to the Skrill account, and a favorable fee for sending money over the Internet is a common reason why users choose Skrill. There is a famous 1 % fee for transferring money between you and another private Skrill user, and the advantage is that this one percent is a pure formality because the fee will never exceed the figure of $ 10 no matter how much money was paid. Also, there are decent rates for withdrawing money from a Skrill account to a bank account or credit card. A Skrill mobile app is also available.


Probably the most well-known online payment system, it has long built its reputation through the most famous Internet shopping site, eBay, which owns it. Therefore, it is not necessary to make some special presentation of PayPal as its very tradition guarantees the seriousness of the business. There are numerous casinos that accept the PayPal method of depositing money, so it can be said that among other categories in casino reviews, there is always a category of PayPal online casinos.

Payments to a PayPal account are possible elsewhere via a bank account or credit card. Due to their mass usage, PayPal users are the target of scammers - who try to extract personal data via e-mail - more often than others. However,  PayPal offers numerous tips for self-protection and is one of the most reliable systems of this type, even for withdrawing winnings from online casinos.


A slightly different money transfer system is the Bitcoin virtual currency, which is growing every year in the number of users and the flow of Bitcoin virtual money. The fact is that there is a much less developed network of online casinos that allow Internet gambling via Bitcoin, but there are more and more of them.

Of course, to be able to deposit Bitcoin in an online casino, you need to transfer real money to Bitcoin currency, either by making your own or accepting someone else’s offer for the value of Bitcoin (which you can trade) or through established tariffs of official Bitcoin exchanges. Then you store the money in your virtual Bitcoin wallet for which there are also official Bitcoin phone apps.

Payment by invoice and bill

As an option for Internet gambling, i.e. playing casino games online, there is also gambling through bills (such as phone bills) and invoices. This is a slightly different system and can be said to be somewhat of an online gambling loan.

So, today you have the option to gamble from home and do so on ‘delayed payment’. This is done by paying a certain amount of money (deposit) through the selected system with which you will be able to play indefinitely and pay it all only after the ‘agreed time’ - in other words, when an invoice arrives in your email. The most well-known methods of gambling this way are PugglePay and Krita.