It's Texas, Ready To Receive The NCAA Women Basketball Tournament This Year


It's Texas, Ready To Receive The NCAA Women Basketball Tournament This Year

When the basketball-loving world is eagerly waiting for the Selection Sunday of March Madness on March 14, the following day, March 15, will commence NCAA Women Basketball Tournament 2021.

According to NCAA’s announcement in January, the men's basketball championship will be conducted in Indiana as the most number of games (67 games) will be played in Indianapolis. NCAA has already placed the Final Four on April 3 and 5 and mentioned the dates of tournaments preliminary-round matches in January's announcement.

Alongside it, the national tournament for division I women teams will be in action, keeping the San Antonio region as its hub. The association has already declared the women's Final Four to conduct in San Antonio. Besides, 63 matches of the competition will be played across five different venues. Alongside San Antonio, the venue list will include two cities, namely Austin and San Marcos.

In a statement, Duke's top athletics official and NCAA's First Division basketball committee's head, Nina King, mentioned that she is accustomed to the fact that the championship will have its challenges. She is affirmative that the organizer has all the safeguards and structures required to uphold the student-athlete championship's zealous experience.

NCAA's strategy for the women's basketball tournament is very similar to what they thought about the March Madness competition going to be held in Indiana. In December, the association mentioned that the contest would be conducted within a single region, and San Antonio comes first in their list of favorite venues. The tournament's team selection process will be held on March 15, while some mentionable basketball programs, including Virginia and Vanderbilt, have declined the idea of playing in this season.

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San Antonio's Mayor, Ron Nirenberg, has also ensured that the officials designated for this championship will work hard to deliver the safest, appreciable, and best experience possible. The public health authorities and the college sports executives have worked for weeks, analyzing the essential gaming protocols for coaches, players, officials, and other persons associated with the championship. However, the organizers couldn't confirm whether the fans would be allowed to attend the matches or not.

The tournament's first round will be organized on March 21 and 22, having matches in Austin, San Marcos, and San Antonio. The second round of the game will start on March 23 in San Antonio.

In regular seasons, the matches of first and second rounds are usually played in top-seeded teams' college campuses, keeping other games hosted in predetermined venues. But, in this season, as San Antonio stands as the prior determined host of the championship, Austin, Cincinnati, Spokane, Albany, N.Y, and Wash has been positioned for serving regional matches.

The association has decided to keep all 64 teams playing in the tournament in the San Antonio area. The hotels are booked and tested, adhering to the NCAA guidelines for all the people connected with the competition. All the teams will be practicing in San Antonio only, where nine courts are kept in a convention center.

Last year, the men and women basketball competition was canceled due to the firm clutch of the Covid-19 virus in the United States. The board member had to do it because hosting this famous content could accelerate the already ongoing crisis during that unprecedented time. March Madness and its television rights are mostly responsible for the revenue the organization generates throughout the year. Therefore, NCAA had to endure a 4% million's loss in the last financial year because of that postponement. 

Sports bettors also couldn’t have the opportunity of wagering on March Madness matches because of that hindrance. However, it seems this year is not going to be similar to 2020 as NCAA has already announced the venue and timings of both Men’s and Women’s championships.