Top 5 basketball prospects to look out for in 2021

Top 5 basketball prospects to look out for in 2021
The business end of the basketball season is approaching and that gives the top college prospects their last chance to grab the attention of the NBA scouts ahead of the 2021 Draft.
Cade Cunningham
Oklahoma State guard Cade Cunningham has emerged as the likely top draft pick. Standing at 6’8” and 220lbs, he was highly rated from his high school days and while the team around him has not always been firing on all cylinders, he has the potential to become an All-Star. He racks up the Triple-Doubles and brings his teammates into the game and it’s only his three-point shooting that’s highlighted as needing improvement.
Evan Mobley
The 7ft centre coming out of USC has a high basketball IQ and is fast and agile for his size. In any other year, he may well have been a standout option for the first draft pick; but he’ll have to settle for a place in the top few. Scouts have highlighted the 19-year-old’s skinny frame and questioned whether he will be able to add the size required to become a true power player in the NBA. A true modern-day style of NBA player, he’ll become a player of choice on NBA 2k for those who keep their eyes on the eSports odds.
Jalen Green
The 18-year-old decided to skip college basketball and spend a year with the NBA G League Ignite and is regarded as the number one shooting guard option. His work ethic has seen him win numerous MVP awards and he has a reputation for always showing up. An explosive scorer, Green is quick and is a weapon in transition, though will want to keep an eye on his assist-to-turnover ratio when the scouts come watching. Green’s progress could also signify a shift in the developmental process of players, with him having taken the route to go to G League rather than going through college, which could set up competition between the NBA and NCAA moving forward.
Jonathan Kuminga
Another G League ignite prospect, Kuminga impressed at the recent scrimmages with his 7-foot wingspan. His size and strength make driving and finishing a key part of his game, but it’s in defence where he could become a special player in the NBA. The combo-forward may need to work on his ball skills to establish himself in the NBA, where he won’t as easily overpower his opponents.
Jalen Suggs
A five-star level point guard, he has an excellent understanding of the game and could even come into contention for the number one pick. Well-built, the Gonzaga prospect is lightning quick and has lit up his freshman year. High energy and a hustler, there are question marks over his three-point shooting but the rest of his game may well make up for that.
There is still time for others to stake their claim to be a top five pick, and it will be interesting to see how the 2021 NBA draft order impacts on the selections made.