10 Top Colleges for Pro Athletes


10 Top Colleges for Pro Athletes


To develop their potential in full, student-athletes need to have effective support programs and high-performance facilities. Only some colleges offer world-class training that can turn student-athletes into champions. Here is the list of the top 10 colleges where students can enjoy quality training opportunities and rich academic experience.

1.  University of Wisconsin–Madison

Located in Madison, the University of Wisconsin is a large public institution that has trained hundreds of professional athletes, including Eric Heiden, J.J. Watt, Gwen Jorgensen, Molly Engstrom, Carla MacLeod, and many others. Indeed, it offers some of the best athletic programs in the USA. The university values sports culture and 61% of students consider it a huge part of their campus experience. The Badgers, local sports teams, are part of the NCAA’s Division I. They won 50 national championships, 25 out of which are administered by the NCAA.

2.  Duke University

This institution provides exceptional support for students interested in athletics. The Student-Athlete Support Services Program combines different resources to enhance students’ college experience. Besides, The Duke University Blue Devils demonstrated significant achievements in national championships, having won in 17 NCAA team championships and 14 other events. They have most of their victories in men’s basketball and women’s golf. Duke University offers vast opportunities for future pro athletes, making sports an integral part of the student experience.

3.  University of Virginia

The University of Virginia is committed to supporting academic excellence and athletic traditions. The Virginia Cavaliers have significant achievements in the national team and individual championships. Their lacrosse, soccer, swimming, and rowing programs are the most successful for both men’s and women’s teams. Local athletic facilities enhance the training experience for student-athletes. Moreover, the university has impressive projects and plans for improving and expanding its training complexes.

4.  University of California

Located in Berkley, the institution is home to the California Golden Bears. They are winners of 38 NCAA championship titles with the most achievements in men’s water polo. Student-athletes can enjoy about 30 sports programs and become part of local teams. The University of California trained a lot of Olympic gold medalists, remarkable NFL players, and professionals in numerous other sports. Its high-performance athletic facilities include California Memorial Stadium, the Simpson Center, Haas Pavilion, and Evans Diamond.

5.  University of Florida

The University of Florida has a lot to offer: men’s baseball, track and field, football, women’s golf, gymnastics, and tennis. This is only part of the champion legacy of the institution. Here, student-athletes combine excellence in academics and athletics. It may seem like a complicated task. Yet, the main thing is to determine priorities and focus on what is important. Writing services such as DoMyEssay can do the rest. The strength and conditioning program of the university also aims to help student-athletes to balance training and academic performance.

6.  Stanford University

Stanford University has the most interesting programs in college athletics with 20 female and 16 male varsity sports. Student-athletes can enjoy a support network called the Athletic Academic Resource Center where expert staff can help them to reach academic goals. Besides, there are Stanford Athletics Sport Psychology Services and Stanford’s Sports Medicine Program that covers all needs of students in terms of health and well-being.

7.  University of California, Los Angeles

The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) is a perfect place for the finest student-athletes who are committed to excellence in education and sports. It provides an inclusive environment with a range of support services and resources. Such thorough training and preparation demonstrate effectiveness as the UCLA Bruins won 118 NCAA team and 273 individual championship titles. Moreover, the school has 261 Olympic medals. 

8.  University of North Carolina

At the University of North Carolina, athletics is the means of promoting and inspiring education. The institution offers 28 varsity sports for student-athletes. The University of North Carolina is 8th in NCAA titles won throughout its history. In addition, only Stanford and UCLA outpace it in the number of women's team titles. The University of North Carolina has modern facilities for student-athletes, including Bill Koman Practice Complex, Track & Field Complex, Bryson Field At Boshamer Stadium, Carmichael Arena, and many others.

9.  University of Oregon

The University of Oregon is a supportive family for student-athletes. The Oregon Ducks got  33 NCAA national championships. Here you can practice a wide range of sports. The most popular programs are men’s baseball, basketball, cross country, and football; and women’s acrobatics, basketball, beach volleyball, and golf. The Oregon Ducks have access to prominent training facilities, such as Autzen Stadium, the Len Casanova Center, and the Moshofsky Center.

10. University of Michigan

The University of Michigan is proud of its rich athletic heritage. It won 36 NCAA team titles in 12 sports, with the most victories in ice hockey and swimming. The Michigan Wolverines get assistance from the Athletics Counseling Team and the Academic Success Program that help student-athletes on their way to excellence. As for facilities, the Stephen M. Ross Athletic Campus can cover all students’ training needs.

To Sum Up

Students who are interested in athletics have specific needs when it comes to the choice of the post-secondary institution. Fortunately, there are colleges that can offer you the desired level of participation to cultivate their athletic talent. Do your research before applying to make sure you will get a solid basis to become a professional athlete.