Why Women's Basketball Is Gaining Popularity

Why Women's Basketball Is Gaining Popularity
Women's basketball is also known as WNBA, is a sport with one of the highest popularity-growing fertility rates. It becomes more popular due to a large number of reasons. 
In this post, you will learn more about the foremost reasons that gain WNBA popularity. Also, scrolling down below, you will learn more about women's basketball history and the differences. 
Basketball, as a game, was invented in 1891. Simultaneously men started playing this game. However, a year later, in 1892, women also started playing basketball. No time gap could make men's basketball way more popular. 
However, women's basketball had a lot of restrictions. For instance, only six players were allowed to play. Also, women had to wear inconvenient uniforms that corresponded to the moral norms of those times. 
Over time, men's basketball became way more popular as it was engaging and dynamic. Moreover, most boys prefer sport to education. Therefore, it's common for male students to order essays online to free their schedules and spend spare time playing a favorite game. 
Differences Between Men's and Women's Basketball
If you're not an expert basketball fan, start by reviewing the differences between men's and women's basketball. It will help you make a deep dive to understand why women's basketball wasn't popular in the past but is gaining its popularity now.
Season Time
The men's season is on during the winter and spring. Also, it lasts longer with 82 games and four post-season playoff series. Each of them may imply up to seven games. 
Vise versa, the women's basketball season is on during summer and implies only 34 games. The post-season series imply 11 games only. 
As a consequence, men can play 110 games during a season. Women can play 45 games only, which is more than twice less. 
Eventually, men are better athletes as they are bigger. Researchers found that men have a bigger vertical leap that allows playing on bigger heights. Also, men play more riskily and dynamically. Women's style of play in basketball is focused on tactics and cooperation.
One of the primary differences is rewards in the NBA and WNBA. Women can earn up to $100,000/year playing basketball. Some of them consider it unprofitable to play this game.
Conversely, the minimum salary in the NBA is almost $500,000. The maximum earnings can reach dozens of millions. 
In case you're an undergraduate who decided to enter the NBA after graduation, you should know one fact. The chance of winning a lottery is higher than becoming an NBA player due to tough competition. 
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Reasons Why Women's Basketball Is Gaining Popularity
These days, women's basketball is becoming popular fast. Let's review the top reasons that led to this in more detail below. 
It's a well-known fact that most basketball stars started their path to WNBA at college. The National Collegiate Athletic Association provides a great impact on women's basketball, gaining its popularity. 
As a way of illustration, the number of fans at the NCAA women's college basketball tournament has increased by 20,000 for the last year.
Fan Base
These days, networking is growing significantly. Thanks to the Internet and social media, women's basketball fans can gain their community and attract more fans. With gaining popularity, more and more people are discovering women's basketball.
NCAA women's basketball is very popular, and games gather a lot of fans thanks to great coverage of sports events at college. Students support their classmates, publish game reviews on social media, and post snaps with hashtags. Also, college newspapers and official websites keep students updated about upcoming games and their results. 
Increased Salaries
The gap in salaries between the NBA and WNBA players is huge. Fortunately, the active movement for equity helps increase the salaries that professional WNBA players get. 
Correspondingly, it attracts more players to tie their lives with basketball. It also leads to tougher competition and more intense games. 
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Betting Opportunities
Men's basketball is more dynamic and full of unexpected moments. Doubtlessly, it engages fans. However, it makes betting riskier.
In keeping with their tactics, women use their strong sides to overcome competitors and throw as many as possible balls in a basket. It helps betting specialists to predict a winner more accurately. As a result, women's basketball is more attractive for those who like making wagers on sports.
Concluding Words
Did you know that rules in men's and women's basketball are different? For starters, the court dimension, the three-point line, and the shot clock are different. There is no restricted area under the basket in WNBA as well. Moreover, women's hands are smaller, so they play a different ball size. The ball for women is 1-inch smaller.