What are the most popular casino games to play in Vegas?


What are the most popular casino games to play in Vegas?

It was a relief to Americans and the rest of the world to see the Las Vegas casinos reopen their doors in June. Over April and May we all got used to the sight of entertainment venues, shopping malls, even entire cities locked down. Yet there was something particularly bleak about the TV footage of the Las Vegas strip looking so deserted, as if we really had stepped onto the set of some post-apocalyptic television series.

It was a lesson never to take things for granted, and as things return to some form of normality, many of us are shifting a trip to Vegas from the vague to do list onto the official calendar. Sin City is a hotbed of entertainment, but of course, it is the casinos like the Bellagio, the Golden Nugget and the Stratosphere that are most famous. Which one to visit first is a question in itself. But here, we’ll look at what to do when you get there as we explore the most popular games to play on The Strip.


Whichever casino you choose to enter, the first things you will see are the slots. These range in type from old fashioned one-arm bandits that are a couple of cents a spin to highly complex video slots with thousands of ways to win and multiple paylines. It’s easy to be overawed by the sheer number of games, but there are a few titles, like Book of Ra, Starburst and Golden Goddess that are popular classics and can yield some nice payouts. 


The roulette wheel is the most iconic symbol of the casino. As you can see here, the game has a long and fascinating history. It enjoys huge popularity in Vegas because it is a game that anyone can play, and a first timer is as likely to win as someone who’s been battling the Devil’s Wheel for half a century. There are all sorts of purported strategies and betting progressions that people like to try, but here’s a tip. The only strategy that really makes sense is to play on a single-zero wheel. The more zeros, the more the odds are in favor of the house.


The turn of a card is synonymous with casino gaming, and while roulette might edge it on The Strip, blackjack remains the most popular casino game across the globe, both in physical casinos and online. We all know how to play, and if you follow just a few basic strategic rules, you can really improve your win rate dramatically. 


Stop giggling at the back! Yes, it has a funny name, but craps is also a funny game. Take a stroll around any casino floor, let your ears guide you towards the fun and laughter, and you can be sure it will be around the craps table. Don’t be put off by the seeming complexity of the table. The smart strategy is to avoid most of it, as the side bets are where the casino makes all its money. Stick to behind the line bets, and there is no house edge against you, so you stand a fighting chance of making your bankroll last.