Degree Options for Careers in Sports


Degree Options for Careers in Sports


When someone hears that you want to start a sports career, they may be drawn back to those days in gym class running laps or playing their favorite sports. However, there is so much more to careers in sports than leading physical education classes. You don't even have to be talented in sports to go for a sports degree. You can venture into the planning and managing sports events, covering sports news, understanding sports from a medical, nutritional, or psychological perspective, and many more specialization options. Here are five sports science degrees you should consider.

Bachelor's Degree in Sports Nutrition

You have no doubt heard of or met people who are actively engaged in sports but do not eat healthily to support their fitness goals. Living healthy is a collaborative effort between several factors, and eating healthy is a crucial piece. With a degree in sports nutrition, you would be able to advise athletes on how they can eat well to support their lifestyle. You will learn topics like nutrition, psychology, and exercise science. There are many places you can work in with a degree in sports nutrition. For example, you can work in sports clubs, research laboratories, and even rehabilitation clinics.

Bachelor's Degree in Sports Management

This is a great degree option for you if you are passionate about sports and are a good leader. With a degree in sports management, you will be able to work at different levels of sports, from amateur to professional. In school, you will learn topics like administration, facility management, and sports sponsorship and promotions. If you would prefer to do your course on a part-time basis or online, some universities offer that option. Couple this degree with an excellent EssayService, and you are well on your way to a perfect grade and a remarkable career. 

Bachelor's Degree in Coaching

Do you believe you have the skills to lead, motivate, and communicate effectively to spot and train talented athletes? At first glance, a bachelor's in coaching seems like a very wide field. You would not be wrong if you made that assumption. However, if you are interested in sports coaching, you can specialize in that or get specific certificate classes that allow you to specialize in sports coaching. When you do the course, you will learn various things like motivating people and communicating effectively. You will also learn topics such as leadership, pedagogy, psychology, and many more.

Besides learning about how to coach people in general, be sure to understand the ins and outs of the sport you want to coach people in. This will help you to modify and tailor your skills to fit this specific sport. Sports coaching is a great degree to take because you can work with individuals or teams, depending on which you are comfortable with. Also, there is the satisfaction of helping someone live their life to their fullest potential.

Bachelor's Degree in Sports Psychology

Why not combine your fascination with how the human brain works and your love of sports into one degree. There is a quote that says that our bodies can do anything, but we have to convince our minds. With a degree in sports psychology, you would be able to understand how to influence human behavior so that they have improved performance.

You will learn about coaching, team building as well as human psychology at different ages. Using the theories you learn in psychology, you can help people overcome their fears and doubts and perform optimally. You will not become a psychologist with this degree, but you will be able to work in several places like health clubs, rehabilitation centers, and more.

Bachelor's Degree in Leisure Studies

If you want to manage and lead programs that guide people on how to spend their free time, this is an excellent option for you. You can work in many places like in nursing homes, in summer camps, and even in parks. You will learn about different activities people can undertake during their free time and aspects like human resources, administration, program planning, and therapeutic recreation.

You can get additional certificates that would make you more employable in specific niches. For example, a certificate in Therapeutic Recreation would make you more employable in long term care facilities. As time passes, more and more people realize that play is a crucial aspect of their lives and that it helps them perform better in their work. Therefore, a degree in leisure studies would help people learn how to best incorporate play into their leisure time so that they are more productive and happy.

Career Options

You may be wondering where a degree in sports will lead you in the future. Here are a few roles you can play with a sports degree:

1)    Sports dietician – A degree in sports nutrition would help you fit in well here.

2)    Sports therapists – You may need a degree in sports psychology.

3)    Sports manager – You will need a degree in sports management or administration.

4)    Sports coach – You need a degree in sports coaching.

If you happen to be passionate about sports and healthy living in general, you should consider getting a degree in sports. As you have seen, there are more options than just playing or teaching sports for those who do not feel particularly athletic.