Live NFL Betting vs Pre Match Betting - What’s The Main Differences?


Live NFL Betting vs Pre Match Betting - What’s The Main Differences?


When it comes to NFL games, you have the option of betting before the game or during the game. Both approaches have their differences, and one might be better suited for you depending on your style. With live betting, for instance, odds can change dramatically during matches. It also goes far beyond money lines, betting sides, and totals. These also allow you to hedge your pre-game bets if your predictions are off. Let's take a closer look at live NFL betting and how it compares to pre-match betting.

Perfect for Online Betting

One of the things that make live NFL betting great is online casinos. They make things so much easier and allow you to place bets live from wherever you are. This could be while watching the game with your friends or from somewhere else after getting a notification about the score, for instance. If you haven't played at an online casino yet, know that they're totally safe, as long as you know what to look for. If you want to learn more about how to pick a good online casino, click here.

The most important part is making sure that the casino is accredited by a reputable body. If you’re playing from the UK, you want to look for bodies like the Malta Gaming Authority and the United Kingdom Gambling Commission among others. 

The Main Difference Between Live and Pre-Match Betting

The biggest difference between live betting and pre-match betting is the ever-changing odds. You could see odds change after every single play. While betting markets can change odds before a game, it can never be as much as during a live game. You'll also start to get much more options than just bet lines, sides, etc.

For instance, you could bet on which of the teams will score 10 points first, or the result of a particular drive. You could even bet on the result of each play. NFL live betting is a great option for those who have in-depth knowledge of the game and understand things like matchups, vulnerabilities, or can read plays, for instance.

Bet Types

Most online sportsbooks will give you the traditional options like money lines, sides, basics, and totals. During live games, you can also usually bet on the outcome at the end of a specific quarter or half. This will also usually include sides as well as totals.

Propositions are when things get interesting. These are surprise bets that will vary depending on the complexion of the game. This is where you will start to see drive or point limit bets.

Pros and Cons of Live Betting

We don't want to make it seem as if live betting is perfect or even superior to pre-game betting, but it has its fair share of benefits. It allows you to use your intuition and feel of the game to your advantage. There are things that only a human observer can spot, and will go far beyond the mathematical patterns and calculations sportsbooks use.

Live betting could allow you to turn a losing bet into a winning one mid-game. For instance, you could notice the wind conditions changing and see how it could affect the run or pass game. If you bet on a team with a strong passing game but no rushing game, you could switch to the other team. This could be a great bet if the other team relies on their ground game and the team you bet on has a poor ground defence.

On the other hand, live bets could also turn a losing bet into an even bigger loss. It can be easy to get carried away and make wild bets at the half to recoup your losses. There's also the issue of compulsive betting. Live game betting is fast-paced, and some might get into a frenzy. This means that this is not the option for you if you tend to bet based on emotion.

Live betting, however, does bring an extra dose of excitement. So, if you’re level-headed, have a true feel for the game, and have a clear money management and betting system, you should be able to take advantage of both pre-game and live game betting.

Live NFL betting and pre-game betting are both significantly different. They cater to different playing styles and you must understand the specificities of both before you get started.