Watching Live Sports in 2020


Watching Live Sports in 2020

The pandemic may have halted the way sport games are typically played and enjoyed, but it hasn’t completely thwarted them. Sport leagues have adapted to the times, giving fans new ways to watch and root for (or boo!) their favorite (and not-so-favorite) teams. 

From virtual tailgate parties to special digital content, and where to catch the latest game, here are a few of the best ways to watch live sports in 2020.

Virtual Tailgate

Football just wouldn’t be football without the lead-up tailgate party. Spoiler alert: you don’t have to ditch your pregame ritual. Keep your tailgate party plans, just catch them online. Sports leagues include exclusive player and coach interviews with fan question-and-answer sessions to up the excitement. It's the perfect way to connect with other enthusiasts during an afternoon or evening dedicated to the sport of your choice. 

Live Competitions

The NBA led the way with fan-centered entertainment, starting with the ability to view classic basketball games of treasured moments from sports history. But a basketball rerun can only go so far. They found a better groove with live competitions, like the NBA 2K Players Tournament and the HORSE tournament, which provided an inside look at player's home basketball courts

Players received game kits for the proper tools and support for the live event as part of the league’s “NBA Together” campaign. As long as the pandemic holds, stay tuned as other sport leagues are sure to test new variations of events in the future.

Special Digital Content

Social media outlets, like the video-sharing platform TikTok, are providing players with new ways to engage with fans. Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James, Oklahoma City Thunder Darius Bazley, Chris Paul, and Shai Gilgeous, plus Boston Celtics forward Grant Williams have used TikTok to let off steam and sometimes catch some laughs during the NBA’s unusual season. Williams showed off his wit, matching his teammates to Space Jam characters. Players share both their skills and their personality in a way you can’t always see on the court or in the field. 

Best TV Services

To stay on top of your favorite sports events in 2020, you’ll need a TV service that can keep up with all the changes. Cox is a great provider for watching live sports coverage all year long with convenient options for easy access.

Stay up on every sport-filled minute with a special seasonal pass. Cox subscribers can relax with all their fave sports using the Contour Stream Player — without a cable outlet — for on-the-go streaming anytime. Cox subscribers with the Contour Voice Remote can opt for voice search, adding in the name of any sports team or pro matchup for a list of current results. It’s simple, fast, and gets you to the heart of the action in no time at all.

Live Sports During Covid-19

This year, have fun in a responsible way with the thrill of virtual tailgate parties and live competitions from the comfort of your own home. Bonus events — such as digital contests and exclusive interviews — add a new dimension to the pregame action, so plan ahead to soak it all in. Life may have been turned upside down due to Covid-19, but sport leagues are adapting and using new technologies to help fans connect with their sports heroes like never before.