How will AP college football poll work in 2020?

How will AP college football poll work in 2020?

A very unique and unwanted college football season is upon us in 2020. The NCAA has never seen a collegiate football campaign quite like this before and may never again. In spite of college football’s unprecedented circumstances, the Associated Press has confirmed that it will rank teams. However, the AP will only rank teams as long as major college football games take place in 2020. College football fans can get the lottery in Pennsylvania bonus code prior to major college football games kicking off in Septmeber.

The AP’s poll will be significantly altered by the COVID-19 pandemic. Much of the usual NCAA football season has already been demolished. The Big 10 and Pac-12 canceled all men’s and women’s autumn sports. College football fans will be happy to know that 67 of 130 Bowl Subdivision teams have football seasons scheduled. This includes scores in the SEC, Big 12, and ACC.

The AP is a collection of 62 sports broadcasters and journalists, and these individuals will take into account the circumstances of the season when voting. Schools are set to play shortened schedules against conference rivals. For example, the Southeastern Conference’s 14-member teams will complete a 10-game season. Games will be against other conference members. The SEC will see games kick off on September 26.

The SEC is just one example of the major schools that will be competing this season. It will be up to the AP Poll’s voters to decide on strength of schedule and any other factors when casting their rankings. One of the twists the AP’s preseason poll will have is it will feature teams that are not planning on playing in 2020. According to the AP’s global sports editor Michael Giarrusso, voters want fans to view a snap shot of what the poll’s top 25 would have looked like had the season been played as normal.

Rumors have persisted that a spring college football season will be played to make up for teams canceling their fall campaigns. The AP plans to rank teams accordingly for the spring season if it comes to fruition. As it stands, the AP is unsure if a spring season will occur or what it will look like. Giarrusso has stressed the AP will adapt to whatever the NCAA plans to do.

In addition to the AP top 25, the group plans to conduct an AP All-America team as well. Voters will only consider the players that competed in the fall season. The preseason All-American team will also feature players who have opted out of the season or will not play. Postseason awards will only be made available to individuals who played. Other awards that will be handed out by the AP include the Player of the Year and Coach of the Year honors. A spring season would also feature the same honors handed out.

Although major conferences have decided to play on, there are problems that loom. The University of North Carolina has already been forced to cancel live in-person classes in the first week of the semester due to COVID-19. A major outbreak could end any hopes of an abbreviated season taking place.