No college football this fall?

No college football this fall?
On 5 August, a few months after declaring itself independent and leaving the AAC conference at the same time, UConn became the first of FBS's 130 sports programmes to cancel its 2020 season.
On August 8, the MAC conference followed suit, led by University of Northern Illinois President Lisa Freeman, a former research scientist. While the possibility of playing next spring was raised by the MAC, the decision brought water to the mill of supporters of a cancellation of fall sports, including the number one college sport, football, in the United States.
Pessimism now prevails as the five Power 5 conferences(ACC, Big Ten, Big 12, Pac-12, SEC) held an emergency meeting yesterday, Sunday, August 9, according to ESPN. The possible cancellation of the 2020-21 season was the main topic but the decision has not yet been taken. Kevin Warren, the boss of the Big Ten conference, in favour of postponing the season to spring 2021, would thus put pressure on all FBS conferences to follow the example of the MAC and make a common decision.
Of course, if the season has not yet been cancelled, it is above all because the financial losses would be extremely heavy for the universities, with a deficit of several billion dollars if they gave up playing this year.
However, while several college football stars such as WR Rashod Bateman (Minnesota), WR Rondale Moore (Purdue) and LB Micah Parsons (Penn State) have already chosen not to play in 2020 for fear of exposure to Covid-19, support for the continuation of the season has come from the players.
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The #WeWantToPlay movement was initiated yesterday, led by stars QB Trevor Lawrence (Clemson), QB Justin Fields (Ohio State), RB Najee Harris (Alabama), RB Chubba Hubard (Oklahoma State) or OT Penei Sewell (Oregon). Objective: to establish a set of specifications allowing players to train, move and play safely thanks to drastic health measures. A draft set of prerequisites for maintaining the season has been proposed by the players and could serve as a basis for the NCAA to allow football teams to play this fall. That led some of college football's biggest stars to speak up Sunday in an effort to save the season, channeling the  NFL players' #WeWantToPlay movement. Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence explained his position in a three-post Twitter thread that kicked off a round of tweets from other stars following in his footsteps.
St. Lawrence, Fields and the Power 5 stars have therefore followed the movement from the West, #WeAreUnited, launched by elements of Pac-12 a few weeks ago, to ensure the right conditions for the players. The College Athlete Unity organization, launched this summer by DB Hunter Reynolds (Michigan), to bring together Big Ten players was also included. An association of college football players could emerge from this national union in the future and give more decision-making weight to the main stakeholders, even if the 2020 season is cancelled. College Athlete Unity is a member organization of intercollegiate athletes seeking to collectively address injustice and affect positive change using our privilege and considerable platforms.  Our members represent 23 different varsity sports, attending schools in every major conference, across every NCAA division, the NAIA, and U Sport (Canada).