5 Winning Strategies In Creating A Daily Fantasy Basketball Team

5 Winning Strategies In Creating A Daily Fantasy Basketball Team
The National Basketball Association (NBA) is leaning towards its newest season, which begins on July 30, 2020. The opening day will feature the biggest NBA superstars as the New Orleans Pelicans will face the Utah Jazz. It is then followed by the Los Angeles Lakers matching up against the Los Angeles Clippers.
While the excitement for this year's NBA season is around the corner, the Daily Fantasy Sports basketball is also taking place in every online sportsbook. DFS basketball is a fun and alternative way to build your dream NBA team. You can use the basketball team you made to play against other DFS players online and earn a huge amount of money.
Although there are endless possibilities of choosing the best NBA players you can include on your team, building a winning group might be challenging. To ensure that you pick the right players and bring your line up to the next level, here are the best strategies you can use when playing the NBA DFS.
Minutes Per Game
The minutes per game refers to the average time spent by a player inside the court. While many DFS players are looking into the best players they can pick, the time they laid out inside the court should be your determining factor. The more time they play within the four quarters of the game, the higher they accumulate stats and scoring points.
Do know that a single quarter in basketball is played for 12 minutes. To look for a player that generates good minutes per game, you should see how well they perform in every 12-minute game. Looking into the previous NBA season, the players who got excellent minutes per game record are Kyle Lowry, Jimmy Butler, and John Wall.
Pace Factor
The possession in basketball means that a player is dribbling, passing, or holding the ball. It is also referred to as the pace factor, which is another strategy you must learn when building a winning DFS basketball team. The higher the team's possession means the greater chance they can win the match.
Last year's NBA season, Brooklyn Nets led the pacing where they averaged 103.6 points. On the other hand, Utah Jazz was the last rank in which they only accumulated 93.6 points. Many DFS players believed that possession might not be necessary because the team style may help them win. While this may be true, the team who consistently earned possession and has a high pace factor will help you gain more in DFS plays.
Usage Rate
The usage rate refers directly to the players who were utilized most of the time inside the court. It doesn't matter if they hold a defensive or offensive usage, as long as they contribute to the whole team's possession then they are also a good pick for DFS plays. The more utilization means the higher experience they know and earn.
Looking into the previous NBA season, James Harden, DeMarcus Cousins, and  Russell Westbrook have a high usage rate. It is not a surprise that you might see these players being picked in many DFS games. On the other hand, they are not the only NBA players you should look at as there are others to consider. You only have to look at their records and statistics to know if they are a good pick.
Position V.S. Opponent's Defense
When building a winning DFS basketball team, it is highly advisable to put up the best players. It can either be a player who is playing in high-minutes, usage or even pacing. Also, he must be able to score no matter what the game looks like. It is the only way that you can ensure a successful DFS basketball play.
However, this can be challenging at times, especially when your team faces the top defensive group. No matter how each player hustles, they might have a hard time possessing the ball and scoring simultaneously. Make sure that you carefully study each team or player's defensive ability by looking into their current game statistics.
Find A Good Reserve Player
At certain times, a player may suffer an injury, which is an unforeseen circumstance in the NBA plays. When this happens, these players can no longer play or might be able to take a longer recovery time before they can play again.
When this happens, reserve players are filling in their position. In DFS basketball, you must find the best reserve players who can either do or topnotch the injured player's performance.
Like other Daily Fantasy Sports, NBA is also a difficult play to take. You might get caught up with overwhelming players who can give you a hard time picking the deserving one to complete your line-up. If you want to create an effortless and winning DFS basketball team, the strategies above can help you hit the bullseye.