Top 44 FCS Football Previews

Putting together the 2020 version of the Top 44 FCS previews was one of the hardest tasks we’ve encountered in recent years. First, almost nobody had spring practices. Secondly, the early divide between the perceived top of the mountain and those climbing it, are completely different groups. It’s a pretty safe bet that the first 13 teams (the top of the mountain) in the Madness Top 44 will match those in almost every other preseason poll you’re going to see. The big difference will come below (the climbers). Here you will see a hodge podge of second level major conference teams, non-automatic qualifying favorites and top level smaller conference teams. Teams that are not even on our list are on the radar of potential ranking grabbers. Let’s just get the season played, right?!
Editor’s Note: As is the tradition at College Sports Madness, we have started our Top 44 FCS previews 44 days before the start of the season, counting down one per day until the campaign kicks off. Obviously this year is a bit different though. Many conferences have announced that they will not play this fall, and there will be more to come. Despite that, we will be including teams from those conferences in our rankings. If there is a season without some conferences, fans can at least be able to see where their teams would have fit into this year’s FCS landscape. Or this could act as a preview of our previews of what will hopefully be some sort of season in the spring of 2021. We will also delay our projected postseason until it becomes more clear which teams may be available for any potential spring 2021 FCS Playoffs.