College football players that boosted their NFL draft stock after transferring to another team

College football players that boosted their NFL draft stock after transferring to another team
When it comes to staying entertained in your spare time, there is a lot of choice for people around the USA right now. Whether you play on gambling apps in New Jersey or enjoy binge-watching TV boxsets in California, making the most of your downtime is always worthwhile. Of course, for many people keeping an eye on college football is also something they love.
Whether you are a current student or an alumnus of said college, it is great fun to follow how your team is getting on. With the new campaign set to kick off at the end of August 2020, getting an overview of the 2020 college football season before then is a good move.
Most followers of college sides will be keenly looking at their team's roster to see who has been transferred in to make it stronger. Transfers are nothing new, and there have been some awesome ones in the history books of college ball that worked out well for the players involved.
Troy Aikman
One transfer that really worked out in college football was Troy Aikman in the 1980s. We all know the name now due to his outstanding pro ball career, which included three Super Bowl wins. What many may not know is the college career Aikman had and how a transfer from Oklahoma helped set him on track for success. He signed with Oklahoma and experienced limited playing time before breaking his ankle against Miami in 1985. This saw him transfer to UCLA afterward, where he established his reputation as one of the most promising young players in college ball. After picking up the 1988 Davey O'Brien award, Aikman's draft stock had risen so much during his time at UCLA that the Cowboys drafted him as the number one pick in 1989.
Baker Mayfield
Now a pro-NFL name, Mayfield had a transfer to thank for establishing his draft stock and ensuring his route to a professional career. Although things started well at Texas Tech for him, he fell out with then Head Coach Kliff Kingsbury. He then moved to Oklahoma to boost his chances of playing in the NFL. To say it worked is an understatement! Mayfield quickly became the first-choice QB for the Sooners and led them to two college playoff appearances. Many will also remember his Heisman Trophy win in 2017, which helped increase his draft standing. The Cleveland Browns then selected him as first pick in the 2018 draft.
Joe Burrow
Another top-class quarterback who has gone from a glittering college career into the pro game is Joe Burrow. What you may not know is that he originally started out playing college ball for Ohio State. He had a frustrating couple of years there as he was behind J.T. Barrett and then Dwayne Haskins for the starting QB role. That saw him move to LSU, where his career really ignited. In his two seasons there, he threw 76 touchdowns for only 11 interceptions. He also led the side to an impressive 25-3 record and a 2019 National College Championship. The Cincinnati Bengals then selected him as first pick in the 2020 draft.
Randy Moss
Randy Moss was a very successful wide receiver in the NFL who played for 14 seasons. As with the other players we have looked at, it didn't always look that promising for him to begin with. Moss should have started his college ball career with Notre Dame, but a conviction for a misdemeanor battery saw a transfer to Florida State instead. To make matters worse, he had to transfer again after violating his probation when at Florida State in 1996. He moved to Marshall University, where he really prospered. During his time there, Moss set many college ball records, including tying Jerry Rice's number of touchdown catches in one season at 28. This cemented his name as one to watch and saw the Minnesota Vikings pick him up in the 1998 NFL draft at number 21.
Transfers are crucial to success in college ball
Like any other sport, getting the right combination of quality players in your team is essential for success. Transfers help college teams to do this and can work out well as the above shows, not only in terms of the transferred player helping their new side to win more games, either. A successful transfer can give players a career boost and help make them a name to watch out for when they enter the draft.