How To Choose The Best Catchers Bag For Your Training Needs

How To Choose The Best Catchers Bag For Your Training Needs
Baseball catchers need to lug a lot of equipment during training and official matches. Also, don't forget about the baggage added to travel demands. Hence, it's safe to say that you need a top-quality catchers bag for a convenient way of carrying your equipment. So, here are four ways to help you choose the best catcher’s bag for training and travel:
Choose Your Style
First-time purchasers of catchers bags might feel overwhelmed and confused by the different models on the market. But, look closely, and you should see three bag style categories. 
These three styles are:
  • Handheld
A handheld catchers bag tends to be small as this type has a design similar to the classic duffel. Consider buying this bag style if you’re going to bring equipment for the little leagues. Remember that you need space for your helmet, protector, mitt, leg guards, and knee savers. If these items can’t fit in a handheld catchers bag, consider other larger-sized options.
  • Shoulder Strap
Catcher's bags sporting shoulder strap styles tend to have similar sizes with their handheld cousins. Perhaps, the main difference for this category is that you can use this bag as a backpack, which relieves tension and stress from your arms.
  • Wheeled
Opt for catchers bags with wheels as these variants tend to have larger dimensions than handheld or shoulder strap models. Wheeled catchers bags also provide excellent convenience to players, knowing that bringing several pieces of equipment is as easy as pulling the bag.
Choose the bag style that’s appropriate to the size of the equipment that you’re going to put in the container. Lugging a heavy bag with your arms or shoulders might not be suitable for heavy pieces of catchers equipment. Otherwise, it might reduce your performance during training sessions and official matches because of muscle fatigue.
Check The Bag’s Quality
Perhaps, the last thing you’d want while carrying your stuff in a bag is when your equipment rips through the container’s material. Thus, never skimp on the quality of your catchers bag.
Spend your hard-earned cash for some high-quality bag to ensure that the container can handle the weight of your gear. While you’re shopping for a topnotch catchers bag, consider the following factors:
  • Zippers – The zippers shouldn't jam consistently, nor should they rip the fibers from the material.
  • Proper insulation – The bag should keep your gear dry, especially when it rains suddenly.
  • Convenience and comfort – Does the bag have wheels?  Consider using a catchers bag with wheels so you don't have to carry a heavy container to the locker room.
  • Extra features – High-quality catchers bags might have extra features, such as additional pockets for your valuables.
In summary, you need to consider durability, convenience, and safety when searching the market for high-quality catchers bags. Purchasing a bag of premium quality can also mean that you can use it for years. Buy a cheap bag in hopes of saving a few bucks, and expect the container to become damaged or break after a few weeks or months of use.
Check The Number Of Compartments
Several catchers bags follow industry-standard designs that provide a specific number of compartments or pockets to catchers everywhere. But, some bag manufacturers like to separate their products from others by adding more compartments than usual.
Look for these extra pockets if you want to put extra stuff in the bag. Use these additional compartments for your smartphone, first-aid essentials, or even that good luck charm from your mom.
Also, these extra compartments help you organize your equipment correctly. Otherwise, you're going to throw items in your bag in disarray.
Consider Your Budget
Baseball equipment doesn't come cheap. Even if you decide to buy relatively inexpensive baseball gear, you're going to spend quite a bit of money on the items.
Hence, don’t blow your budget on a high-quality catchers bag. It’s going to be worth the investment, but you’re going to sacrifice the quality of the other parts of your catchers set. For example, you might be sporting a high-quality bag, but your mitt has holes and your protector has tears.
Prioritize the type of catchers bag you need while staying within the borders of your strict spending allowance. You may consider going over your spending ceiling by a bit, but don't risk spending more money than you should.
Consider the style, quality, and features of catchers bags when you're shopping for these containers. Also, remember to stay within your budget to avoid spending all your cash in purchasing a high-quality bag. If you're not in a hurry, take all the time you need to search for shops for the best bag for your baseball training and travel needs.