How To Promote Your Team With Printed Marquee

How To Promote Your Team With Printed Marquee
A marquee is a strong, durable, and fancy canopy that can be used for events, sports, or even for work. A printed marquee is simply a customized marquee. It displays your brand and any other thing you want on it.
A printed marquee is a vital tool you can use to promote your brand because it gives you the opportunity to do outdoor marketing without moving an inch. You can have your logo, brand name, and brand colors printed on the marquee, and whenever it is erected, it automatically advertises your brand to all who see it.
For instance, for sports activities, a printed marquee can inspire your players and promote team spirit. It can also increase your team visibility significantly and set you apart from the crowd. Here are some practical tips on how you can promote your team with a printed marquee.
1.                  Photography
A picture is worth a thousand words. With a printed marquee, your team's images would be worth much more. The most prominent way to promote your team among your fans is to create a lasting image, and one of the best ways to create the best fan images is to do a professional shoot on sports photography.
Putting the team's picture on a customized printed marquee to display outside a sports area will go a long way in motivating your team. Plus, a beautiful image stays longer in the public's mind and can register in the minds of your target audience. To promote your team and increase your fan base, enlarge team pictures on a branded marquee and display these for your fans and the public.
2.                  Create a Website
Once you have increased your fan base, you must remember to create a website for your team. You literally can't go wrong with a well-planned website. Posting images of your team's printed marquee on your site is a great way to impress your followers.
It is also a way to brand your team and to promote the brand. It would also project your team with a level of professionalism. Furthermore, you can post videos of your team training or hosting an event inside the marquee on the website. Doing this will promote your team as long as visitors to the site continue to watch and share them.
3.                  For Sports Activities
Are you aware that marquee is not only suitable for creating good images and memories? It can also be used as a sporting venue. A printed marquee helps you promote your team by having the team members play inside the marquee.
Everyone who attends will see the custom-printed marquee. Your audience will be even more impressed when they see your team play in your own 3 x 6M printed marquee, which is a more aesthetically pleasing alternative for sporting activities. It is also a more convenient option because it can be easily disassembled, relocated, and reassembled.
4.                  Hold Events
Apart from holding sports activities; you can also use a printed marquee to hold sponsored events for your team. Asides serving as the event venue, the printed marquee is also a standing outdoor marketing tool and an effective way of doing brand exposure.
Printed Marquees have the unique advantage of being tactile; that is, they can connect to your audience in a more lasting and impressionable way. Once installed, the marquee boldly displays your brand to all attendees of the event.
It is even better if the event is covered by the media, which more publicity and better visibility. All those who are watching or reading the media coverage would also get the chance to see your printed marquee, thereby promoting your brand.
A printed marquee is just like a blank canvas that you can paint to suit your needs. You can tailor to promote any type of event you want to hold. They also offer an efficient way to capture your target audience and promote your team's brand.
By customizing your marquee for events, it makes your team stands out among other competitors. A printed marquee showcases your brand in three significant ways, first, by displaying your team's name.
Second, by making your logo visible to direct traffic and visibility to your brand, and finally, it separates your team as a different entity from other similar brands. That way, your target audience find it easier to locate and identify your team.
5.                  Increase Social Media Presence
A very active social media engagement means more fans, promotion, and increased visibility for your team. If you want to promote your team, then your social media presence is not a negotiable option.
You must take advantage of all the social media platforms available. It is best if you use social media platforms that allow you to display your team's skills and brand to create more visibility, such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.
You can utilize printed marquees for social media promotion in the following ways. One, by posting pictures and videos of your team's printed marquee on social media pages. Two, making your team members snap photos with the printed marquee and post on social media platforms. Third, record events held inside the printed marquees, post them, or use them as sponsored ads on different social media platforms.
6.                  Advertise
Branding is an integral part of team promotion in sports. Everyone is attracted to a good brand. For instance, Coca-Cola is formidable because it has successfully created a trendy and easily recognizable brand over the years. Similarly, football clubs such as Arsenal and Chelsea are famous because of their brand.
However, what most people don't know or realize is the role that adverting plays in the promotional success of these brands. Even after achieving success, these brands continued the practice of promoting each brand through adverts.
They are on TV, street billboards, and on the internet. Wherever you go, there is always something that reminds you of their presence.
In the same way, you need to advertise and promote your team's brand to reach a broader audience. One way to achieve this is by using printed marquees that make branding exceptional, unique, and easy.
The printed marquees can have your logo, name, and colors customized according to your taste. Using your printed marques for promotions and adverts can significantly increase your audience and make your team a brand that stands out well from its peers.
7.                  Use Your Printed Marquee for Digital Marketing
Although standard, traditional advertisement has been around for ages, digital marketing is becoming king for apparent reasons. However, most consumers think digital ads are too intrusive, which means applying standard digital advertising strategies may not attract a considerable number of your targeted audience.
The good news is that you can still use your customized printed marquee for digital marketing to promote your team while avoiding the pitfalls of standard digital marketing.
Unlike online ads, a printed marquee is non-intrusive, plus everyone can see it once installed, and you don't even have to do anything. Therefore, using printed marquees as a marketing tool can help you reach your target audience's diverse demographics.
Besides using the images and videos of your team's printed marquees as internet ads are an excellent way to maximize digital advertising and the internet. There are millions of internet users who, although they cannot attend your events physically, can get to see what you are doing via the internet.
Taking advantage of this digital audience while also promoting your brand with your physical audience is the best way to go. Putting your printed marquee out there is a sort of visual branding, and visual branding is a powerful marketing tool- whether physical or digital marketing.
Visual branding allows you to control your audience's perception of your team. By consistently putting out your team's visual brand, i.e., the printed marquee, you can improve customer relations, boost brand loyalty, raise revenue, and build trust in your audience.
8.                  Use Marquees for Training
One of the most successful ways to promote your team is to win goals. Everyone wants to be with the winning team and not to a group that is always losing. To ensure that your team is the winning team requires a lot of practice. Printed marquees can be convenient for use in training practice sessions. With a marquee, you can literarily practice in the sun or the rain.
Marquees have strong standing poles, fabric roof, and walls that can withstand most weather conditions in rain and wind. With these marquees, you can practice regularly and make your team the winning team.
Benefits of Using Printed Marquees
Although your team can opt for a plain marquee, it is more beneficial to use a printed marque. There are several advantages of using a printed marquee; some of them include:
  • It is a one-time investment: One of the advantages of printed marquees is that they are a one-time investment that you can use for different events and purposes. Apart from the initial cost of buying and installing, there are no other hidden costs along the way.
Printed marquees are also reusable. You can continue to use them as long as the information remains relevant. Using them continuously helps you boost your brand exposure, and as more people see your printed marquee, subsequently, it becomes something people identify with your brand and team.
Moreover, printed marquees save you from the cost of always renting event venues and decorating such event venues. Since it comes with customized material, there is hardly any need to do any customized decorations.
Besides considering all the costs it will help you save; it is also reasonable to conclude that printed marquees are cost-effective and relatively affordable.
  • Versatility: Another advantage of printed marquees is the flexibility and versatility it provides. Apart from hosting sports activities for your team, you can also use printed marquees as a showroom to host sponsored events, meetings, training, and so on.
The beauty of printed marquees is that you can set it up almost anywhere, providing flexibility, especially if you are a team that is always on the move.
  • Customizable: Perhaps the most important advantage of printed marquees is that they are customizable. Unlike plain ones, you can tailor printed marquee to your taste and needs. This means you have control over the color, size, design, and any other thing you want to include in the marquee.
Printed marquees essentially allow you to brand your team on the covering material, thereby giving you a powerful marketing tool that you can use to your advantage.
  • Provides A Stand-out Display: printed marquees are masterpieces, and getting one for your team can only draw more engagement. The branding, logo, and color display makes printed marquees impressionable amid plain marquees.
Apart from the aesthetics, a printed marquee will also help you draw more attention and audience to your team. Want to differentiate your team from other groups at an event? Then get a printed marquee today!
  • Offers Targeted Marketing: Using printed marquees is a form of outdoor advertising. The inherent advantage this provides is that with printed marquees, you are assured that people viewing your tent are targeted directly. It also means you are directly advertising to potential clients, sponsors, fans, etc.
Besides, it also ensures that you don't waste money on traditional advertising outside your target audience.
  • Easy To Use: Printed marquees are easy to use, so setting it up won't be difficult. Plus, assembling and disassembling a marquee doesn't necessarily require professional help, and it only takes a few minutes to set up and dismantle.
Besides, marquees are portable and, therefore, easy to move from one location to the other. So instead of worrying about how to provide space for your team at events, you can always use your team's printed marquee. That way, you have successfully secured a comfortable space and also created brand exposure to the audience in that area.
Apart from promoting your team, there are also other reasons why you should consider buying a printed marquee for your team. Some of these advantages include high target marketing, ease of use, cost-effective, versatility, a stand-out display, among other benefits. Printed marquees are not only for the team but also a potent tool for promoting the team's brand. By leveraging the use of printed marquees to establish your brand through various means as summarized in this article, you can promote your team and ignite the spirit of brotherhood and oneness.