Play Online Casino Pay by Phone

Play Online Casino Pay by Phone
As increasing numbers of people turn online so the worry over identity theft increases, and understandably so as no-one likes to think that someone has invaded our privacy.
Unfortunately, there are those that think nothing of stealing others personal information and then using it for their own ill-gotten gains – it’s a sad fact that the internet can be a dangerous place for some people but there are tips to follow to make sure you stay as safe as possible, making it more difficult for potential hackers.
Tips to Stay Safe Online
Firstly, it must be recognised that there is no sure-fire way to avoid becoming a victim of identity theft, even if you are ultra careful, but there are ways and means of making it far more difficult for potential hackers to carry out and making it very awkward will cost the hackers time – something they do not enjoy.
Things to Consider in Order to Stay Safe Online
  • • Secure your online data
  • • Monitor your credit
  • • Keep your personal data safe
  • • Create strong passwords
  • • Get help to protect your information
With more of us turning online to source our entertainment its important that you know when a website is safe and secure to play at. Remember if the URL begins with “HTTP” instead of “HTTPS” then its not as secure as you might think it is meaning that hackers have the potential to eavesdrop and steal information you might share.
How to Recognise a Safe and Secure Online Casino
Many people enjoy a game and even more enjoy having a bet or wager on the outcome of the game they are playing and no-one wants to feel that they are playing at a site online which could fall to hackers.
However, there are a few things that can show any potential player that they have chosen a safe and secure online casino to play at.
Take Fruity King, a premier pay by phone casino site not only is the site fully licensed and regulated by the The Gambling Commission it also has the well-being of its players at the heart of its operations.
The Gambling Commission license and regulate the people and businesses that provide gambling in Great Britain which includes the national lottery and Fruity King must adhere to all the rules and regulations or forfeit their right to provide games to the general public. Progress Play operates Fruity King, a limited company which is registered in Malta and licensed and regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority
Any site that is not licensed or regulated by a well respected Gambling Commission should be avoided at all costs.
Another step to check out is what depositing methods are available to players. Again if we look at Fruity King in a positive way you can see that they have only the tried and trusted banking methods in use on their site. These banking methods include being able to use your mobile phone to play for games.
Using either your monthly phone bill to pay for games costs or having the cost deducted from your pay-as-you-go balance means that there is no need to give the site your banking details in order to make a deposit adding another layer of security.
Again security methods used should be transparent and Fruity King use Sectigo an established and professional company that secures online websites.
Transparency is very important on any online website and perhaps doubly so when talking about online casino and slots sites.
Fruity King is completely transparent, It does not hide any small print and information is readily available and given in a way that is free from jargon. With a customer support team available 24/7 who are happy to help when needed all adds to Fruity Kings great reputation of being a site that is fun, entertaining, offers great bonuses and promotional offers in an environment that is both safe and secure.