Online College Sport Betting Tips

Online College Sport Betting Tips

Online college sports betting is quite challenging, keeping in mind that sometimes the teams you least expect to perform usually give their best and emerge the winners. One of the most popular sports in college is basketball, and it is also one of the popular sports to bet on due to the fact that there are many games to bet on. 

In this post, you’re going to discuss online college betting tips you should apply to increase your chances of winning. 

Research on the teams before the season starts 

The first step you need to take is to do your research on the teams you will bet on before the season starts. Don’t wait until the season kicks off to start researching. 

To win a sports bet, you need to find as much information as possible about all the teams you’ll be betting on. So, take time to watch college football previews in summer so that you are equipped with the knowledge you need before to season starts.

Narrow down your options

When betting on college basketball, you’ll encounter a wide range of choices. With many teams and divisions in each league of college football, it is almost impossible to stay on top of the stats for all these games. So, the best strategy is to keep your options limited. 

Before the season starts, especially the first few months, focus on specific conferences. For example, you can choose a conference in your area. This way, you will be able to select the right teams and get to know them better rather than focusing on all teams that will be participating in the league.

Have a budget and use a staking plan 

All the tips covered in this post are important; however, they are not as important as this one. Regardless of the amount of money you have or what goals you have, you need a budget. Always keep in mind that your chances of losing money are higher than winning. So, you need to know how much you are willing to risk. 

You can set a daily, weekly, monthly, or annual budget. Whichever timescale you choose, make sure you set at an amount that you can afford. Most importantly, it would help if you stuck to it no matter what. 

Spending a lot of money on sports betting can lead to many problems. You also have a life to live and bills to pay, so you shouldn’t spend all your money on sports betting. But you can avoid all sorts of gambling problems by simply sticking to the budget. 

You also need a staking plan, which is basically a set of rules that determine the amount of money you should stake on each bet relative to your budget. Basically, you should stake about 1-2%, and should not be more 5%. This way, you will be able to withstand a couple of losses without using all your money. 

Here are the benefits of using a staking plan:

  • You will not chase losses after a bad run 
  • You will not lose money you’ve won
  • You will not make rational betting decisions

Understand the importance of value 

Value is a common term in sports betting, but many bettors don’t really understand what it means. The term is pretty straightforward since value basically measures the connection between the odds of the games you have picked and the probability of the expected outcome happening. 

If the odds are higher than they should be, the selection is believed to have a positive expected value. If you are looking to make money in college sports betting, then you need to understand the concept of value. Theoretically, you should only place bets after knowing they have a positive expected value. This is the best way to make money in the long run. 

Learn the basics 

It is also important to learn the basics of sports betting. This includes learning the different betting systems, the betting language, and what the different outcomes mean. This will give you an edge. For instance, you should be able to explain what handicapping is, what arbitrage betting is, how to claim bonus, and talk about low-risk multiples. 

Overcome bias

Bias is not good when it comes to sports betting. If emotions and not facts guide your betting, then you are biased. Biasness can manifest in many ways, such as in the team you support, the sports star you love, etc. For instance, it’s quite easy to say a team that has lost the last five games is likely to lose its next match. 

But what if they have hired a new manager or an important player has returned from injury? These are important factors that could change the game. So, always choose an outcome depending on what is likely to be the outcome. In other words, research beyond the obvious stats.