There are Dominant Basketball Teams This Season


Anyone who has even slightly been following college basketball this season has almost certainly heard some variation of there being no dominant teams as there has been in years past. During the early portion of the season there was a revolving door for the number one ranking in the country, leading many analysts to believe there were no great teams this year, only good ones. However, up until February 22nd, Baylor, Gonzaga, Dayton and San Diego State had combined to lose just four games all season, and zero since 2020 began. Meanwhile, Kansas, who ended Baylor’s reign on top, has quietly been the best team in the country since losing their January game against Baylor. The Jayhawks have the best defense and the best guard/big man combo in the nation. They are in the same category as 2019 Virginia or 2018 Villanova, even if they don’t get the same national respect.

There have been dominant teams right under our nose all season, they just haven’t been talked about. Simply because Kentucky, Duke and Michigan State lost early season games to lesser opponents didn’t mean there were no elite teams in the sport this year. It only meant that the top-tier teams weren’t the same teams that the media expected to see there before the season started. As we continue to get closer to March Madness, it is important to keep this in mind. Almost every broadcast has mentioned how crazy this season has been and that it should only lead to a tournament full of upsets. However, don’t fall victim to the analysts who are simply confusing there being no dominant teams with there being no dominant blue bloods, with the exception of Kansas. It is almost that time to start predicting postseason games and at they list streaming and betting options for the games. When it comes time to make those picks, don’t hesitate to trust teams like Kansas, Baylor, Dayton, San Diego State, etc. simply because all season it has been uttered that there will be upsets galore. There will always be upsets in March Madness, but these teams have truly been elite all year long and it would be shocking for them to exit before the second weekend.