Top 10 Reasons College Athletes Should Be Paid


Top 10 Reasons College Athletes Should Be Paid

            College sports brings a lot of money to advertisers and college administrations, but the only people who don’t get any financial benefit are the student-athletes themselves. The public does not know that a college athlete doesn’t receive any compensation for his efforts, even if he sacrifices a lot to achieve success in the chosen sport. In this essay, we will explore the reasons why paying college athletes is a fair thing to do and give you examples of similar mistreatment.

Top 10 Reasons Why Student Athletes Deserve Pay

            Whether college athletes should be paid is a topic of debate among students, college managers, and the private companies that want students to promote their brands and products in the field. Are you looking to learn more about this? Why do student athletes deserve a share of the game profits?

1.      Sports Take as Much Time as A Full-time Job

            Various statistics suggest that college athletes spend at least 40 hours per week dedicated to their sport, including games and training sessions. This is like working a full-time job on top of demanding courses, school assignments, and other responsibilities. Without putting intense working hours, a student athlete cannot remain on the team or keep his scholarship. For all the time they put into ensuring the success of their team, students deserve to be paid for their efforts.

2.      A Greater Stake for Students Will Make Games More Competitive

If they could hope for financial compensation, students will feel motivated to raise their level of performance. Good earnings will increase students’ motivation to work harder to rise and maintain their ranking. In addition, students will feel less stressed about their financial situation so they can focus more on the games without money-anxiety.

3.      Athletes Take Time Away from Study to Play Sports

            To go great things with his team, a college athlete must make sport his first priority, which leads him to put fewer hours into studying than a non-athlete. This impacts his academic performance with long-term effects in his future professional career. As we can see in this research paper on should college athletes be paid, success in sports comes sometimes to the detriment of academic achievement. Read essay examples to educate yourself as to why paying athletes is necessary in this case.   

4.      Coaches Receive Extravagant Salaries

            While the importance of good coaches cannot be underestimated, coaches of high-achieving teams receive extravagant salaries considering that they share their workload with several assistants. In addition, as employees of an academic institution, coaches receive salaries that are unfair compared to what teachers and professors with advanced degrees earn, according to essay samples on the topic. Some coaches receive millions of dollars a year and student athletes receive nothing, even if there’s plenty of money going around.

5.      College Sports Money Is Not Used for Students’ Benefit

            The huge revenues in college athletics are not going to research or education investments, so the students sometimes see no return on their efforts to maintain their team in the rankings. Instead of going to students and university facilities, the earnings are split between coaches and administrations in the form of huge salaries. In fact, some colleges are forced to use their budgets to fund the athletic departments. 

6.      College Athletes Must Pay for Expenses from Their Pockets 

Many student athletes are on full scholarships, so their tuition, college fees, and accommodation are covered by their institution. However, there are other expenses involved in being an athlete that students must cover with their personal money. Examples of crucial expenses are food or wardrobe for special events.  Maybe they need to pay for an essay online to be able to attend a game. Since some students come from modest backgrounds, there’s no one to cover for these expenses and their parents cannot support them.

7.      Sports Teams Increase the Status of their Colleges

            The achievements of the student athletes translate into fame and higher status for their colleges. This means the college gets the chance to attract more academic and sports talent and to increase its tuition fees according to its popularity. Through their success, college athletes give their colleges the opportunity to be more selective in the admission process and get more recognition.

8.      A Salary Would Help Student Athletes Invest in Their Future

            By having a salary, college athletes would leave school not just with a degree, but with significant savings as well, which will help them begin their adult life securely. In addition, not all student athletes get drafted in a salaried position on a sports team when they graduate. This puts them in a tough spot once they’re out of college. If they don’t end up playing professional sports, all their efforts leave them with nothing.

9.      College is a Highly Profitable Industry

             College athletics is an industry of billions of dollars of revenue across all sports. Student athletes who play especially football, basketball or baseball bring in millions of dollars to their athletics department. These vast revenues are unfairly distributed considering that the main people who make this happen, the players, receive nothing.

10.     Students Are Not Cheap Labor

              In this current state of affairs, it seems that student athletes are nothing but cheap labor meant to fatten the accounts of executives, coaches and college administrations. All the excuses that managers have for not paying students are ridiculous and have been proven wrong. A thorough analysis suggests that students are simply discriminated against receiving part of the earnings they generate simply because they get a scholarship. However, the scholarship is hardly enough to compensate them for their efforts.

Playing sports in college comes at a great mental and physical cost for students, yet they get no word into how the big earnings should be distributed. There are plenty of reasons to believe that this situation should change.