Why Australian Players are Gambling Enthusiasts


Why Australian Players are Gambling Enthusiasts

Aussies love to gamble and place their bets on pretty much anything. Some people believe that Australia has a serious gambling issue but the fact is that Australians are not that addicted to gambling, they do it as a hobby.

The Stats

According to stats, average Australian adults spend approximately $1200 annually on gambling. Considering that not all Australian adults gamble, this number per person who gambles would be much higher. To compare that to Americans, an average American adult spends approximately $400 annually on gambling. Ireland is the second country with the highest spends per adult person of $600 annually.

Australians indulge in all forms of gambling but the most loved are live sports betting with horse racing as the most common thing. This could be to the fact that Australia was a British colony and in the UK, horse racing is an important thing. Just take a look at the Peaky Blinders and you’ll get the idea. Aussies have a love of sports and sports betting take them a step closer to the sports experience.

Preferred Types of Gambling in Australia

In Australia, people spend around $11 billion yearly on poker machines known in Australia as pokies. You can find a pokie in pretty much every bar. On sports betting, Aussies spend approximately $626 million yearly, not including horse racing that accounts for around $3 billion yearly. Lastly, Aussies spend around $1.9 billion on lotteries every year.

Australian History

Even in the colonial times in their history, Australia was known for its gambling actions. This could be due to the fact that it was colonized with the British prisoners. Over the years, gambling became a type of entertainment in Australia and this is why sports betting and horse racing is extremely popular. Without a doubt, there are some people that have a gambling-related problem in Australia, but for most people, it is a hobby and a pastime.

Aussies don’t see gambling as only a way of earning money but as a way to combine entertainment with the possibility of earning some money which is why gambling is so common in Australia.