The Most Popular Sports


The Most Popular Sports

Sports competitions have existed since ancient times. But if earlier they were considered a reflection of the strength of the body and spirit of contemporaries, today it is a profitable business and an incredibly popular form of leisure, as well as an opportunity of a brilliant career. What sports in 2019 were included in the ranking of the most popular in the world? When creating this top, we took into account such criteria as entertainment, amount of spectators and fans, as well as the financial capabilities of prominent representatives of sports discipline.


Football is the absolute world leader, the most common in Europe, known since medieval times. Great Britain is considered the ancestor of this exciting sport for millions of people. In this country, football matches were held for the first time as we know them today. And it was here that the first football club was formed.

Today, there are hundreds of football sports clubs. And there are also many special sports associations, as well as various competitions. Among the most important, significant and spectacular, are the Champions League, the World Cup, as well as the national leagues of France, Spain, Italy, Germany, and Britain. Besides that, some people earn money watching football. They just make bets and check livescore.


Basketball is one of the few team games that attract the attention of a billionth audience. This is one of the most rated sports. Some experts say, that in a couple of years, basketball will be able to become more popular than football.

Basketball has gained the most popularity in the United States, where the stars of this team ball game earn tens of millions of dollars annually. Basketball is also popular in China, Russia, Argentina, Italy, France, and other countries. The game is so widespread in the world that there are basketball baskets at the stations of Antarctica, where polar workers can throw the ball when they want to rest. The army of basketball fans has long exceeded one billion. And in terms of fame, prominent representatives of this sports discipline may well compete with eminent Hollywood stars.


It got intercontinental popularity over the past 20 years. Skiing is the most popular sport in the northern countries. It includes many interesting and complex disciplines like slalom, racing, biathlon, etc. By the way, most of them are mandatory participants of the Olympic Games. The most spectacular sport of the varieties presented, of course, is biathlon. The most popular biathlon competition is the World Cup.

Alpine skiing is so popular even among non-professionals that it is found in hot countries. Unbelievable, but true: you can ride on the ski track in the desert. Such an opportunity provides a snow resort in Dubai (UAE).


Although the sports represented in the rating are not similar to each other, they have one thing in common. This is the desire for success, which is an incredible driving force for athletes. It phenomenally increases popularity among ordinary people.