Volleyball for Beginners: Your Basic Equipment Checklist

Volleyball for Beginners: Your Basic Equipment Checklist
Once you decide to play a sport, it is important to start with the right equipment. The right equipment not only allows you to enjoy the sport but also accelerates your learning curve. This article will focus on volleyball and what you'll need to get on the right path to becoming a champion player.
Here are five pieces of equipment that will make you a better player (and as a bonus, they also help you avoid injuries!).
#1. Knee Pads
A solid pair of knee pads are as important as the match ball. To play without any fear, you need to properly protect your knees from bruises and burns. Many essential receiving and defensive techniques require that you go to your knees.
It is not unusual for younger or less experienced volleyball players to use thicker knee pads than the more experienced players. More experienced players will have learned how to not hurt themselves and require less padding. Your knee pads should fit snugly around your legs and knee area.
#2. The Right Footwear
To play volleyball properly, you need the right set of athletic shoe. As with everything in life, not all shoes are created equal. The best volleyball shoes are lightweight and have a rubber out-sole to ensure maximum traction while moving across the court. The out-sole also provides stability.
The shoes also don't have a high heel lift. Instead, they are designed to protect your ankles during the sharp turns and swerves that are commonplace in volleyball. It's best to get those made of lightweight synthetic material that are breathable.
Lastly, your shoes must have a toe guard to prevent injuries from toe stubbing during quick dives and multi-directional movements.
#3. Ankle Braces 
Ankle sprains and strains are some of the most common injuries suffered by volleyball players. It's not surprising considering the number of quick movements they must make during games and training sessions. To ensure this doesn't happen to you, get a good pair of ankle braces.
Braces protect the ankle joints and provide stability without restricting movement. Ankle braces have been proven to lower the chance of an injury by up to 40%. As a result, some coaches mandate that all players on their team wear them during training and matches.
#4. Dedicated Sports Bag
After buying the right shoes and gear, you need to have a bag where you can keep and organize everything. You also want to be able to easily access anything you need during or after the game.
An easy to carry sports bag that has a couple of separate pockets is your best bet. It helps to ensure you keep everything in its proper place - such as clean items away from used or sweaty sports gear.
The best choices are are backpacks or sports duffel bags. Duffel bags are great for individuals with lots of stuff to carry since they are large.
#5. A Water Bottle
Hydration is important in any sport. A good game of volleyball can leave gasping for a drink, so a sports water bottle is important.
Get one that allows you to properly hydrate without having to go for refills every now and then. It also needs to spill-proof and keep your beverage cold no matter how long the training session lasts.
Final Thoughts
Volleyball is a great game and one that offers numerous health and mental benefits for anyone who plays it actively. To get the best out of the sport, reduce the chance of an injury occurring, and learn faster, you need to get the right equipment from the get-go.