The 5 most popular college sports teams of 2019

The 5 most popular college sports teams of 2019

In the USA, college sport is just as big a deal as the professional leagues, with huge crowds being drawn for every game in impressive stadiums that house tens of thousands of supporters. For those of you into New Jersey sports betting, wondering which teams are the ones to look out for, today we’re listing five of the most popular college sports teams of 2019.


1 –Ohio State Buckeyes

As we stand, Ohio State are currently in second place in the league behind LSU with all to play for. However, they are already champions in the supporter stakes, given they have an impressive 6.1 million fans in their corner, wearing their colours and cheering them to victory – more than any other college team in the country. Their stadium can fit in 104,944 fans – and it’s often a full house. Buckeyes fans are as loyal as they come.


2 – Michigan Wolverines

The mighty Wolverines boast a fanbase of around 5.1 million fans. Even though Michigan doesn’t always win on the football field, their fans keep on piling in to scream their support over raucous renditions of Hail to the Victors – the team’s song. Fans enjoy the teams’ many (many) historic rivalries, and despite the distinct lack of a win in recent years against Ohio State, their fans appear more than happy to dine out on past glories.

3 –Alabama Crimson Tide

Apparently, a whopping 4.8 million folk across the United States claim to be signed up, hounds-tooth hat wearing, super fans of the Crimson Tide. Games in their 101,821-seater Bryant-Denny stadium regularly draw crowds of upward of 90,000. Currently, the team sit in fifth place in the league, having finished fourth last year – but big wins are always on the horizon for these guys, so let’s not discount them for this season just yet.


4 – Clemson Tigers

Not only are they currently third in the league, but Clemson Tigers games (and tailgates) are known to be just as wild as their namesake. These guys are fully ramped up on the fact that they jumped from a middle of the road team a few seasons back into something pretty darn special, recruiting serious talent to South Carolina every year. The stadium houses over 80,000 purple and orange clad fans every single game. Tigers fans show up early, never want to leave and are the first to rush the field any time there’s a home victory. Under the watchful eye of their incredible coach, Dabo Swinney, Clemson Tigers have become one of the best teams in the south. 


5 –Florida Gators

Ben Hill Griffin Stadium (or ‘The Swamp’) home to the Florida Gators, is reported to have been sold out every single game since 1979 – that’s some serious attendance stats right there! Gators fans are again some of the most rowdy in the country, performing their signature ‘chomp’ move to signal their approval of their beloved team. While the team are currently sitting in 10th place in the league – the love of their fans – ‘The Gator Nation’ - has never dwindled.