A Close Look at the Pac-12 Conference 2019 Season


A Close Look at the Pac-12 Conference 2019 Season


The Pac-12 conference is ranked third in the Power Five Conferences according to college football news. The conferences comprise of Southeastern Conference (SEC), Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC), Pac-12 conference, big ten conference, and big 12 conference. The NCAA designates all these conferences as autonomous. Hence, they have the power to use resources to advance legitimate athletic and educational needs of student-athletes as well as for legislative changes that enhance the wellbeing of the student-athletes. This article focus on Pac-12 definitions and predictions for this season.

Pac-12 Stadium 

Definition of Pac-12 Conference

The Pac-12 Conference is a collegiate athletic conference that was established on a firm foundation of both academic brilliance and remarkable athletic performance. Pac-12 has won 500 NCAA championships. It operates in the states of Arizona, California, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Colorado.

For the 14th consecutive year, the conference has tied for or attained the most NCAA titles of any conference in the whole country. The San Francisco based conference participates in 24 different sports and out of its 12 members, 10 are public universities while 2 are private research facilities.

PAC-12 Football Prediction

When predicting the winners of a division, the odds usually favor the team that has the most significant pairing of offensive lines and quarterbacks. Without a potent combination in these positions, it is hard to win even if you have a defensive dominance and skill-position talent. Oregon State has upgraded its personnel and has enough playmakers to be competitive throughout their season. Oregon has the highest odds (+215) of winning the division followed by Colorado with +220. Oregon State comes last with +15,000.

The South

The media picked Utah to win the Pac-12 South for the first time since 2011. The Utes have the leadership to win in Tyler Huntley and Tailback Zack Moss. However, USC is receiving hype, and if they can get over the distractions surrounding Clay Helton and find a consistent quarterback, they can be a force to reckon. For Arizona, quarterback Khalil Tate should be motivated to shine after having a bad season in 2018.

UCLA should play better under second-year coach Chip Kelly while Colorado needs to improve their defense. South's most significant games will be between Utah vs. USC, UCLA vs. Stanford and Utah vs. Washington. UCLA looks impressive with a slew of new talent ready to take on the challenges the conference has to offer.

The North

The competition in the North will be between Oregon, Washington, and Stanford. However, Oregon is expected to emerge as the winners. California is expected to compete much better once they pick a quarterback between Devon Modster and Chase Garbers. The biggest games to expect in the North are Oregon vs. Stanford, Washington State vs. Washington and Oregon vs. Washington.

The Pac-12 conference is very competitive. The success of a team is, therefore determined by their individual pieces. No wonder it is known as the conference of champions. In the last couple of years, Oregon, Arizona, and Washington have been leading the pack.