Why College Football Is Better Than The NFL

Why College Football Is Better Than The NFL

College football has been something popular for as long as people can remember, and more and more people are deciding to turn their attentions to this form of the game as opposed to the NFL, but why is that?

The NFL has all the stars and is undoubtedly the pinnacle of the dreams of the athletes that take part in college football. The end goal for all of them would be to represent the team that leads the heading to win the Super Bowl. Punters that are huge NFL fans can take advantage of these Betting Offers to ensure they can get the maximum returns from their bets on American’s favourite sport.

However, betting on college football is also extremely popular. But why is college football almost as popular as the NFL in the USA?


When you’re thinking about going to see your favourite NFL side, you will already be aware of the price that you’re going to have to pay to get a seat. The majority of ticket packages are too high for the average person, and it isn’t made any easier if you want to watch it on the television. Even with the correct packages, you will be expected to pay a much higher fee than you’re willing to.

That’s why people watch college football. You may lose the quality that you may get in the NFL, but the affordability of the college game ensures that it is the preferred option for many. Not only that but you can watch it on TV for a much lower price than you would pay for the same honour of watching the NFL.

Rival Games

Of course, some NFL fixtures jump off the page, and you must watch because it is considered a grudge match. But, nothing compares to the games between rivals in college football. These battles between rival college sides are superior in every form to the NFL equivalent, and fans will be hostile towards the opposition. The atmosphere will make it feel like it is a huge match between two sides that can’t stand each other.

College games between rivals are some of the most heated matches that you can expect to find in any sport, and fans still talk about the experiences that they have had at these matches even to this day. That is the polar opposite to NFL fans, as they may not even remember the last time they faced a rival.

Every Game Matters

The most annoying aspect that comes with the NFL is that some matches don’t matter near the end of the season. And worse than that, you would be able to tell by the attendances and the interest in the match by the teams that are involved. Also, NFL sides won’t care about other teams and their results, but that is the polar opposite in college football. These fans will watch every game even if their team isn’t involved, and that’s one of the reasons why it’s a more inclusive sport. Not only that, but college fans will be reacting to what they are watching and actually care about the outcome and how it may affect their side.