Drawbacks that Women Face during Sports Games

Drawbacks that Women Face during Sports Games

Over the past few generations, the opportunities and situations of playing sports for girls have been increased but girls in sports still face lots of disadvantages. Girls are always not getting the same chances and benefits as like the boys to participate in the sports. Even they are always not getting good references and sources which can help them to proceed further in every situation. But the online world is nowhere behind in such cases. There are lots of girls those who are not always getting enough interest in playing in the playground but they do have an interest in online gaming. Thus, there are several online websites those which has given the online opportunities to play online sports, casino gambling, volleyball, basketball, hockey, cricket for both girls and boys like US Gambling sites from Americasino and many others so that everyone can enjoy any games on their site.

There are so many serious reasons why girls are not getting enough interest in sports in real life. Girls may not have the chance to participate in the sports which boys do, or the resources needed to succeed. Even there are some casinos which will not allow girls to bet or play casinos. Girls may also have a huge risk of injury than male counterparts.

Here, we are presenting few reasons that will let everyone know about the disadvantages and drawbacks that Women face during any sports games:

Lack of Opportunities: According to the Women’s Sports Foundation reports, girls have 1.3 million fewer opportunities to participate in their high school sports than the boys. Like girls may face a tough time while joining in Little League Baseball teams, although Mo’ne Davis and her standout performance already change that in Little League World Series of 2014. Now, girls who are willing to join a wrestling team or want to play football may have to overcome resistance and skepticism that would not be shown to the boys.

Injury Risks: Sports give injuries to everyone but in some cases, it has been seen that women are weaker than boys. As per the research of the American Journal of Sports Medicine, girls reported twice as many concussions as the result of the soccer injuries while compared to boys. Basketball players and skiers suffer the disproportionate number of knee injuries as compared to men. The main disadvantage for the girls they suffer when they found a lack of qualified coaching or on-site medical personnel that boys may suffer less.

Resource Allocation: As girls are getting teams to play that does not mean that they will get the same resource as boys.  The equality among boys and girls means getting similar treatment as like the types of equipment and supplies, practice facilities, coaches, locker room, scheduling of games, practice times and other variables as well. Like the girls’ soccer team may have the same roster spots like boys but not getting the same access to tournaments or other travel opportunities. Boys’ soccer team can get better facilities in every situation in any games rather than girls.