Who Will Go #1 Overall in the 2020 NFL Draft?

Who Will Go #1 Overall in the 2020 NFL Draft?
Most college football fans are worried about three things right about now. They want to gauge how good their team will be, whether or not anyone can stop Alabama and Clemson, and which NCAA football wagers are worth targeting.
The best college football betting sites are pushing out a litany of wagers these days, as the anticipation for undefeated runs, another Heisman race, and bowl season is mounting.
Beyond just the 2019 college football season itself, however, some of the best individual amateur athletes will be putting in the work for the next level. It’s still early in the process, but just about everyone agrees who the top options are to go #1 overall in the 2020 NFL Draft.
Of course, this process is a long one with more jerks and curves than a roller coaster. The prospect who looks like a lock to be picked first overall today may be sliding out of the top 10 tomorrow.
With that, let’s preview the new season with a quick look at the biggest threats to go #1 overall in the 2020 draft, along with a prediction for who gets the nod.
Tua Tagovailoa, QB, Alabama
Tagovailoa is widely expected to be the first guy off the draft board in 2020. He didn’t have a great national title game last year, but he had an amazing season and projects very well to the pros thanks to a big arm, nice mobility, and elite accuracy.
Tagovailoa will face size concerns, but the 2019 college football season allows him to put more big numbers on tape. If he can cap his final season at Alabama with a second championship, he may seal his fate as the first overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft.
Justin Herbert, QB, Oregon
While Tua is the odds-on favorite to be picked first overall, you can argue two things: that Herbert is the better pure passer and that the team at the top spot may prefer one of these guys over the other.
Herbert would have been a top-5 pick if he entered the draft last year, but now he’ll likely be gunning for the top spot opposite of Tagovailoa. He’s behind the eight ball to this point, but comparisons to Carson Wentz due to an elite size/athleticism combo are saliva-inducing.
The fight to go #1 overall is very real, and it may come down to how much progress Hebert can display when it comes to decision-making and durability. From a pure talent perspective, however, he’s an interesting value bet and without a doubt Tua’s top threat.
Jake Fromm, QB, Georgia
It’s easy to overlook Fromm, who isn’t nearly as physically gifted nor as dominant as his passing counterparts. Likely more of a top-10 lock than a true threat to go first overall, Fromm is still an interesting sleeper just because he flat-out gets the job done.
There is something understated about the way he executes Georgia’s offense, manages games, and countlessly makes the right play. Something big probably needs to happen for Fromm to leapfrog Tua and/or Herbert, but if you’re looking for a third quarterback to enter the discussion, he’s it.
Chase Young, DE, Ohio State
Nick Bosa nearly went first overall in 2019, and many teams can use help in their pass rush. Enter Chase Young, who presently feels like the best edge rusher in this draft class.
The question is going to be who ends up picking at the top spot and just how badly they need pass-rushing help. Young was a monster on the edge last year (14.5 tackles for loss, 10 sacks), and he projects very nicely for the pros.
But will a team need him desperately enough to pick him #1 overall? When scouring the worst NFL teams and citing needs, the early guess is no. But if you’re looking for a sleeper with the talent and upside to shoot up the ranks, he probably leads the way.
Andrew Thomas, OT, Georgia
There’s also Andrew Thomas, who right now looks to be the locked-in #1 offensive tackle in this year’s draft. That’s a big deal, seeing as NFL teams put a lot of stock in protecting their quarterbacks, and building out nasty o-lines has become a major trend.
Rightfully so, as the teams with the best offensive lines tend to fare much better. Battles are won and lost in the trenches, after all.
Thomas has the size, athleticism, and skill-set to be an elite tackle at the next level. It’s just going to depend on which team is picking first overall and whether or not they already have a franchise passer in place.
Jerry Jeudy, WR, Alabama
Keyshawn Johnson was the last wide receiver to be taken first overall, and just two receivers have earned that right since 1984. It’s been 20 years since we’ve seen that happen, and as great as Jeudy is, it feels like quite the reach.
Teams picking first overall tend to have a lot of problems, and usually quarterback is the biggest issue. With as many as three candidates to go first under center, the talented Jeudy is a longshot.
Derrick Brown, DT, Auburn
Lastly, we have Auburn stud d-lineman Derrick Brown, who probably would have been a top-10 and possibly even a top-5 pick had he declared for the 2019 NFL Draft. He didn’t, and he’s now projected inside the top 5 by most NFL Draft experts.
Is he good enough to worm his way into the conversation for first overall? From a talent perspective, sure, but teams will covet Chase Young more, and as noted, a quarterback is probably going in the top spot.
Brown has a better shot than Jeudy to be the top pick, but he’s likely a much safer bet to go somewhere inside the top 5.
That does it for our look at the top options to be drafted #1 overall in the 2020 draft. Use this insight to mock the draft or even bet on it. Just know that it’s still very early in the process, and a lot can change.