Michigan Softball 2019 NCAA Tournament Capsule


Michigan Wolverines

Big Ten (43-11, 22-1)

Coach: Carol Hutchins
Key Field Players:
Lexie Blair, Freshman, OF, .424 BA, 6 HR, 53 RBI
Faith Canfield, Senior, UTL, .418 BA, 8 HR, 37 RBI
Natalie Peters, Senior, OF, .358 BA, 31 RBI
Alex Sobczak, Senior, UTL, .336 BA, 9 HR, 41 RBI
Mackenzie Nemitz, Senior, IF, .288 BA, 5 HR, 29 RBI
Katie Alexander, Senior, C, .280 BA, 10 HR, 26 RBI
Key Pitchers:
Alex Storako, Freshman, P, 2.00 ERA, 14-6 W/L, 4 CG, 140.1 IP, 187 SO
Meghan Beaubien, Sophomore, P, 2.00 ERA, 28-4 W/L, 17 CG, 199.1 IP, 203 SO
By the Numbers:
Batting Average: .317 (18th in nation, 2nd in conference)
Double Plays per Game: 0.24 (193, 9)
Doubles per Game: 1.45 (57, 6)
Earned Run Average: 2.11 (27, 5)
Fielding Percentage: .979 (4, 1)
Home Runs per Game: 1.02 (47, 6)
Scoring Offense: 6.51 (11, 1)
Slugging Percentage: .492 (32, 4)
Stolen Bases per Game: 1.06 (106, 6)
Triples per Game: 0.12 (197, 14)
Recent Postseason Appearances:
2018Regionallost to Notre Dame, defeated UIC, eliminated by Notre Dame
2017Regionaldefeated Fresno State, lost to Washington, defeated Fresno State, eliminated by Washington
2016Regionaldefeated Valparaiso, defeated Miami (OH), defeated Notre Dame
2016Super Regionaldefeated Missouri
2016WCWSdefeated LSU, lost to Oklahoma, eliminated by Florida State
2015Regionaldefeated Oakland, defeated California, defeated Pittsburgh
2015Super Regionaldefeated Georgia
2015WCWSdefeated Alabama, defeated UCLA, defeated LSU
2015Championshiplost to Florida, defeated Florida, eliminated by Florida
2014Regionaldefeated San Diego State, lost to Arizona State, defeated San Diego State, defeated Arizona State, defeated Arizona State
2014Super Regionaldefeated Florida State, lost to Florida State, eliminated by Florida State
2013Regionaldefeated Valparaiso, defeated California, defeated California
2013Super Regionaldefeated Louisiana, lost to Louisiana, defeated Louisiana
2013WCWSlost to Oklahoma, defeated Arizona State, eliminated by Washington
2011Regionaldefeated Western Michigan, lost to Kentucky, defeated Notre Dame, eliminated by Kentucky
2010Regionaldefeated Wright State, defeated Notre Dame, defeated Notre Dame
2010Super Regionaleliminated by Tennessee
2009Regionaldefeated Miami (OH), defeated Notre Dame, defeated Notre Dame
2009Super Regionaldefeated Baylor
2009WCWSdefeated Alabama, lost to Florida, eliminated by Georgia
2008Regionaldefeated Wright State, defeated Notre Dame, defeated Kent State
2008Super Regionaleliminated by Virginia Tech
2007Regionaldefeated Eastern Michigan, defeated Louisville, defeated Oregon State
2007Super Regionaleliminated by Baylor
*all team stats through 5/5