Top 2019 FCS Football National Title Competitors

Many people tend to avoid rankings, especially the early ones, as they believe that these lists have little to do with the outcomes. While this belief may hold in some instances, we do have to admit that having a sense of where things are heading does a lot to relieve us of the anxiety that comes with the waiting. Here are some of the favorites for the FCS championship, which many people believe may bag the final win.
James Madison
Things may not have gone very well for this team in the previous rounds as they lost to Colgate during the second round. However, that is not to say that things cannot turn around for this team which people heavily favor as a winner in the championship. This time around, the team is ready to take on its opponents, featuring returning starters in all positions but one. In the previous season, they had a solid defense and fans can only expect the same in the coming rounds.
North Dakota State
It will be quite interesting to watch this team go head to head with other teams this season. For one, there has been a shift in the management as well as the loss of over twenty seniors. To an outsider, this would look like a massive blow to the team, and one would wonder if they could pick up the pieces and forge on successfully. However, for someone who has been following this team for a while, one would remember that NDSU has been through such times in the past, including in 2014.
The thing that helps this team stay strong even under such circumstances is their high retention rate as well as their successful development program. In this way, even if they lose some seniors, it is hard to feel the effects of the loss.
South Dakota State
There haven’t been many changes in this team, and that makes them a favorite for the win. The only question comes in as to who will start at quarterback in this season. There have been suggestions that Kanin Nelson could do a remarkable job at this position while other people have stated that maybe J’Bore Gibbs could do a better job. As for the backfield, the team boasts of vibrant young men who have the energy it takes to bring the win home. If you look up some of the favorites at websites for football betting, you will see that there are favorable odds for this team, showing that many people feel that it could come out as the winner in the championship. For this team, it’s all about who takes what position and they are yet to suffer any significant drawbacks as they gear up for the season. If all goes well, they could very well bag the win.
Eastern Washington
EWU has also had its share of changes, seeing as more than twenty seniors recently left the team. However, it’s not an all-bad situation. In 2018, many seniors got injured, and this paved the way for underclassmen to get some experience in the game. For this reason, the team feels confident that the remaining players can take on the dominant teams in the championship.
Now, here is a team that has been through a lot in the past year. Let’s start with their 50-19 defeat to EWU in the semi-finals. This blow was big enough to make some people lose hope in the team regarding bagging the win. However, a lot contributed to this loss. For one, the team had been traveling across the country multiple times per week, and this had put a strain on their energy levels.
Additionally, the head coach and the defensive coordinator left, and this destabilized the team for a while. However, none of these changes are enough to diminish the team’s talent, and they have a high chance of emerging the winners in the championship.
UC Davis
The quarterfinals were very interesting, especially when it came to watching UC Davis go head to head with EWU. The statistics, as well as the gameplay associated with the game, put UC Davis as a favorite but this was not to be as they lost 34-29. This year, this team is working hard to bag the win, and if their lineup is anything to go by, they have what it takes this time around. Their defense needs some work, and with this out of the way, this team will be a force with which to reckon.
Jacksonville State
In the last season, this team boasted of a young and talented team that went ahead to set impressive records. Most of the team members return in this season, thus putting JSU in a position to bag the win if all goes well.
Other favorites for the win include Elon, Wofford and Webber State. There is a lot of excitement surrounding the upcoming games. You can up the stakes by placing a bet on where you can rake in great returns as you follow the action. This season will surely be one to remember as it holds lots of promise.