Top 2019 NBA Draft Picks

Top 2019 NBA Draft Picks

Most pundits have stated that the upcoming 2019 draft class does not have as many potential star players like that of the 2018. But that is not necessarily the case, as it can be argued that there appears to be many probable stars who could light up the NBA once drafted. So that it would be prudent to consider our picks when having your regular bets on NBA games in the future. The 2019 draft is going to be the first year that the new lottery odds are going to be applied, which makes the process even more interesting. Let’s have a look at all the top prospects for the 2019 NBA draft that could prove those pundits wrong:

Atlanta Hawks: RJ Barrett (Duke)

Barrett is hot property at the moment and is considered the best possible option for the draft pick. He is tipped to be chosen as the number one overall pick. RJ is an unbelievable athlete who has a knack for the game. The player has the potential to be a star on both ends of the court. The only defect in his game is his ability from the 3-point region. He only managed 31% from the 3-point region throughout his career in high school, while he also only 6 shots from 21 attempts during three exhibition games in Canada when playing for Duke.   

Boston Celtics: Cameron Reddish (Duke)

Reddish along with Barrett and Zion Williamson all committed their futures to Duke. This has intrigued many as Duke have three stars who could lead them to the championship. Reddish is a star in the making and has shown a lot of promise. We believe that his potential to have a successful career in the NBA is extremely promising.  

Chicago Bulls: Nassir Little (North Carolina)

Little is not so little at 6’7” and with a 7’1” wingspan, therefore it is no surprise that he is seen as the ideal NBA wing. Based on a few excellent performances in post-season showcase games, his stock has risen dramatically. He was even named MVP of the 2018 McDonald’s All-American Game after putting up 28 points in just 21 minutes. His shooting proved efficient as the player made 12 from 17 attempts. His stats for the game were extremely impressive, Nassir had also made 2 from 4 three-point attempts and made 5 rebounds, one assist and one steal. Little further extended this great performance onto the Jordan Brand Classic where he scored 24 points.

Boston Celtics: Daniel Gafford (Arkansas)

Gafford is not a freshman but he has just come off his debut season for Arkansas and what a season it was. Keep in mind that he only averaged 22.6 minutes per game, but his numbers don’t suggest that. He averaged 11.8 points, 6.2 rebounds and an impressive 2.2 blocks per game. His game is also exquisite having shot better than 60% from the field. He appears to be a star in the making and is definitely one to watch.

New York Knicks: Zion Williamson (Duke)

Often compared and tipped to be the next LeBron James, Williamson is a force to be reckoned with. His high school highlights are unbelievable and has been hyped as possible the best prep dunker ever. He has an incredible leaping ability that doesn’t seem possible for a kid his size, he is 6’7” and 285 pounds. He is an extremely versatile player that is a monster in the paint and in defense.

These are just a few of many stars in the making for the 2019 NBA draft class. These players are out to prove the pundits wrong and show that they have what it takes to make it in the NBA. Who knows what the future holds for them, but at the moment based on how they’re performing, the sky is the limit for players of their calibre.