How Experts Look After Their Sports Gear

How Experts Look After Their Sports Gear
Everyone knows that an important part of sports is having and maintaining the right kind of gear. Some even say it might be the most important thing any athlete can do. There’s no soccer without a ball, no hockey without the puck and the stick. All sports have equipment that is essential to playing, but also gear that make playing anywhere easy, convenient and safe.
Someone who uses their equipment constantly will begin to see wear and age happen. This is to be expected and is completely natural. Sports equipment is made to be used to its fullest so that’s not a bad thing. But knowing how to take care of the gear and make it last the longest it possibly can is good for wallets and sports time.
The less gear needs to be replaced because of damage, the more time that can be dedicated to playing the game. Here are some types from professionals in their field (divided based on sport).
The most important part of playing soccer is the classic soccer ball. Nowadays, balls come in all different colors and patterns, but the basic makeup remains the same. There are important steps to maintain a soccer ball’s long lasting use.
After every game, use a damp cloth to wipe down the surface and remove any excess dirt. The ball doesn’t have to look perfect, and it won’t, but getting as much dirt off as possible helps the ball fabric stay stronger for a longer period of time.
As for cleats, make sure to keep them clean as well. Bring a popsicle stick or a putty knife for during and after games so that the mud or grass from the field doesn’t get stuck on the bottoms forever. Also only wear cleats when on the field, not before or after. This leaves unnecessary damage from walking on uneven surfaces.
Hockey is all about the skates, the padding, and of course the helmets. It’s important to keep these pieces in pristine condition. Hockey is a contact sport, and if the safety equipment or skates are damaged, this could lead to serious injuries.
For the skates, make sure to keep the contact points with the ice sharp and free of any breaks or jagged edges. This makes skating smooth and prevents any unnecessary slips or snags in the ice.
The actual safety equipment can also soak up sweat and become really smelly. In this case, it’s important to know exactly how to wash hockey equipment so that the smell goes away, and the gear does not lose any of its durability.
Baseball follows a lot of the same maintenance rules as soccer. You can clean your baseball cleats just like your soccer ones. Do not wear them outside of the field, keep a putty knife to get the grit out of the bottom of the shoes after a good game, and make sure to keep track of them.
As for the bat, this all depends on the type of bat owned. If it is a wooden bat, keep it in a cool and dry place. Don’t let it get wet either and carry a cloth in case it does.
Brush and dust your glove after every game so that the excess dirt doesn’t get embedded into the fabric (much like the soccer ball). There is also a special leather glove cleaner that should be used to keep the leather in good condition and will keep your glove in the best shape.
Basketball is all about the ball and the shoes. Make sure to use a good cleaner on the basketball and to keep it out of dirt as much as possible. You might think you can score with a deflating ball, but it is important to only play with an inflated ball. This preserves bounce. Also, only wear basketball shoes while playing on the court.