The College Bowl Championship Series Odds After First Two Weeks

 Bowl Championship Series


The College Bowl Championship Series Odds After First Two Weeks


With sports betting now legal on the federal level, more and more states are legalizing and regulating the activity. Betting on college football is now legal in several states outside of Nevada sportsbooks. After two weeks of the season in the books, let’s look at the updated future odds to win the BCS National Title compared to where they were at the beginning of the season.

Preseason Odds to Win College Football Championship

    • Penn State +2500
    • Wisconsin +2000
    • Auburn +2000
    • Washington +1500
    • Michigan +1200
    • Georgia +600
    • Ohio State +500
    • Clemson +500
    • Clemson +500

Before the start of the year, it’s not surprising that Alabama once again was favored to win the National Title. Nick Saban and his dual quarterbacks, Tua Tagovailoa and Jalen Hurts, were the preseason favorite to repeat after defeating Clemson last year to win the title. Before the season began, the Tigers and the Buckeyes were at +500 to win it all, followed by Georgia and Michigan. Longer shots come with Michigan at +1200, Washington at +1500, and both Auburn and Wisconsin at +2000. The Nittany Lions rounded out the preseason top teams at +2500.

Week 3 Odds to Win College Football Championship

    • Penn State +2500
    • Washington +2500
    • Oklahoma +1600
    • Notre Dame +1400
    • Wisconsin +1200
    • Auburn +1200
    • Ohio State +700
    • Georgia +700
    • Clemson +450
    • Alabama +200

Alabama is still the odds-on favorite to win it all, but we’ve seen Georgia move up and they are now right with Ohio State at +700. The most notable difference is Michigan being out of the conversation altogether. After losing to Notre Dame, they have much longer odds for a National Title. Notre Dame is one of the newcomers on this list at +1400 after their 24-17 against the above mentioned, Wolverines. Oklahoma has been added to the conversation, at +1600, as well, after the beatdowns of FAU and UCLA and the missteps of some of the other top teams.

Which Team Will Win the National College Football Title?

I know we’re quite far even the College Football Playoff, but these futures odds are updated after every week of the college football season, so if you like a team – it pays to bet on them sooner rather than later. I hate to go with the chalk, but for me, Alabama is by far the most complete team on this list. Their odds have even gotten better since the start of the season, moving from +180 to +200 or better, depending on your sportsbook. It’s not just their talent, but their coach. Nick Saban is the best coach in college football, and I don’t think it’s even close. Coaching in the college game has an even more significant effect than it does for the professional game and is there is no one better at maximizing talent than Saban. They’re the overwhelming favorite to repeat as National Title winners, but who could argue that they shouldn’t be? They should already be penciled in for the CFB Playoff, scratch that, write their name in ink.

They are going to be a double-digit favorite in every game this season and only have two games where they may fall, against Mississippi State and Alabama. Those are both winnable games and the rest of their schedule is easy. I like the Crimson Tide to repeat and think they’re a bargain at +200.

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