Basketball podcasts – Find the one that suits you


There are so many basketball podcasts out there so how do you separate them from each other? Some are based purely on the game while some feature in-depth discussion about all other elements of the sport that all Americans love. No matter what your preference you will find the one that suits you right here.

With all the knowledge that the podcasts below will give you, you will have great gambling know-how to safely predict the correct winners of games and then the overall winner of the NBA Finals.

The Lowe Post

First up is the brilliant and insightful Lowe Podcast. Here, Zach Lowe has daily guests during the season talking about the events that are taking place and the big talking points from the previous nights' games. It is a great format that works very well as it reviews the most recent games before quickly turning the attention to the upcoming games. It gives a great well-rounded view on all things NBA.

During the off-season, Lowe has had weekly guests on his show talking about their careers. Most recently he welcomed Rudy Gobert on the show were they talking about Utah Jazz and their preparations for the start of the regular season and chasing Golden State.

The Bill Simmons Podcast

The Ringer's Bill Simmons hosts the most downloaded sports podcast of all time. It is a fascinating look into all things NBA and high school basketball. With weekly guests from all kinds of backgrounds; ranging from sports stars, celebrities and other television personalities. 

Most recently, Simmons has been looking into sports betting and especially betting within college basketball. It is beyond interesting and educates the viewer in a way that not a lot of other podcasts are able to do. They also have spoken recently about Labron James' big move to LA Lakers which sparked a very good debate between Simmons and Cousin Sal.

The Ringer NBA Show

This podcast is the best all-rounded basketball podcast. The Ringer NBA Show doesn't merely focus on just one element of basketball but instead divides its time between speaking about the NBA, free agents and college basketball.

The ever present podcast feature of 'what sources say!' is the most popular part of the whole show and Juliet Litman offers the best take on NBA personalities. Their nerdy and uncool approach just makes the podcast much more relatable to the average basketball fan.  

Dunc'd on Basketball

If you are looking for the most in-depth and detailed account of NBA action and discussions on salary caps and the free agents on the market; this is without doubt the podcast for you.

Nate Duncan is one of the most educated basketball fans in the country and Dunc'd gives him a chance to share his wisdom with all listeners. During the free agency period, Duncan and fellow host Danny Leroux delved deep into every player available and produced such an excellent and informative look into the business side of basketball. 

The Starters

The Starters is a daily podcast with four hosts and lots of laughs. J.E Skeets and TasMelas host this perfect build-up podcast. It previews the biggest upcoming games, story lines while also keeping a close eye on off the court actions.

The show prides itself on a simple and effective approach to features which really makes it an easy podcast to listen to. However, it's not all basketball with fun weekly features and enabling viewer interaction.

The Woj Pod

Another very detailed informative podcast that delves deep into all aspects of NBA and college basketball. Maybe too much at times. It's not for everyone, it depends on how much information you can consume during one hour because Woj's knowledge is second to non.

He talks all aspects from NBA, college, betting regulations, business and the free agents market. Woj also welcomes various guests on his weekly podcast, mainly ex-professionals who also have an interesting story or two and Woj engages them well.