The FIFA World Cup: Watch It Through The Eyes of a Qualified Nation

The FIFA World Cup: Watch It Through The Eyes of a Qualified Nation
The World Cup is underway this week and with no USA there, it’s a little bit harder to get excited about it. However, with the likes of Brazil, Argentina, Germany and France all in attendance, some of the world’s biggest stars will be kicking off in Russia in a bid to make themselves immortal.
Of course, there’s going to be plenty of coverage in the USA, with games being shown across Fox and Telemundo, but there’s certainly going to be less passion than what we saw back in 2014, when Tim Howard became the nation’s hero.
The Brazil World Cup was incredible for the country. It took soccer to a whole new level, and while we may be all supporting different nation’s this summer, we can capture that little bit of passion from how we watch each game.
The tournament is being shown all over the world so whether you’re backing Iceland, Iran or Costa Rica, you should go all in and really get behind the country.
Replica jerseys are an easy way to support your World Cup team for 2018, but if you really want to get a true taste of the passion and feelings of the nation, you should watch their TV coverage.
The crying of “gol, gol, gol,” by a Brazilian commentator is much more exciting than a Fox employee with little connection to the nation, while the Icelandic Viking Clap is going to be a real treat on Icelandic TV.
Of course, how on earth do you watch the World Cup on channels from around the world?
The simple answer is a VPN. Whether you’re wanting to catch England on British TV, or the Germans on ARD, you can capture commentary from all around the world with a VPN.
Most TV channels these days allow you to stream live television these days, but the problem lies with geoblocking, which prevents people from outside of a country from watching the stream.
The way around that is to use a World Cup vpn service. VPN’s are relatively easy to come by and basically keep your browsing anonymous, meaning websites won’t necessarily know which country you are accessing the internet from.
This will open up every channel where the World Cup is being broadcast, meaning you can watch a country’s bid for the championship live from the country who are backing them most.
You can experience the passion, the joy, the heartache live, with opinion from pundits and presenters that know their players inside out.
It’s a much more exciting way to enjoy the soccer this summer. Of course, you might need to start learning Icelandic, or Croatian, or one of the many other languages that’ll be spoken. But how hard can that be??