How to Bet on College Football

How To Bet On US College Football
Since new laws in the US have been passed to allow betting on college sports, the market continues to grow at staggering rates. The NFL is still the most bet on sport but the NCAA is catching up and becoming extremely popular. If you are new to this form of betting there are a number of things you must know about prior to making your first wager. In this article, I will talk about the basics that you need to know about this growing gambling sector.
#1: College Football Spread Betting
One of the most popular betting types used in college football games is called “spread betting”. This form of bet takes into consideration a points margin that is determined by the form of the teams involved. The underdog will have a - and the favorites will have a +. The total amount of points differences between the two teams is equal to the amount that the team is required to win by in order to win the bet. So as an example if the favorites are priced at +10 it would mean that they have to win by over 10 clear points for the bookmaker to pay out. You can find the best odds at along with promotions for this type of bet.
#2: College Football Betting Money-Lines
Another very common betting type of college football is betting using money lines. This type of bet is placed on the team who you think will win it outright. Odds are displayed as + for the underdogs and - for the favorites. If for example, a team has odds of +150 it means they are the underdogs and if you placed $100 you would get back $150 plus your wager amount if they won. If for example, a team has odds of -150 it means that you would need to place $150 on them to win an additional $150 if they won.
#3: College Football Betting Totals
One of the most difficult bets to win at is betting on totals. This means that you place a wager on the number of points scored. It works by bookmakers providing odds or over and under so punters need to decide if they think the team will score more or less than this amount to win.
#4: College Football Betting Futures
Futures betting on college football has gained a lot in popularity over the last few years. It works by punters choosing bets to place on the national champion results over the whole season. You can also use this form of betting to place a wager on who you think will be the top points scorer for the season, best defense etc. The early you make your predictions the more likely the odds are going to be at their best prices.
College Football Betting Conclusion
There are lots of different ways you can bet on college football and if you are in the know you can make a lot of money. Make sure that you choose the correct betting type for the research and data you have studied before place any bets along with continuing to monitor the betting marketplace to attempt to find undervalued options available.