Could Lebron Really Join The Lakers?

Could Lebron Really Join The Lakers?
It is the rumor that keeps on coming back like a bad penny and once again, the question as to whether Lebron James, greatest basketball player of his generation, potentially ever, could one day pull on a Lakers jersey. I look at rumors like these in the same way that I gamble, by looking at the cold hard facts, and then working out the possibilities from there, and on this one, I would suggest that the odds are pretty long.
Now, I am not saying that I am not the type of gambler who doesn’t like long odds, in fact I regularly chance the odd free bets that come my way with a long shot. Having said that, I won’t be banking on James turning out for the LA outfit. Let’s take a look at why the rumor mill is up and running again, and why James probably won’t go.
The Rumors
First of all, it is easy to understand why this rumor continues to do the rounds, Lebron is the hottest property in the NBA, and the LA Lakers are probably its most marketable franchise, it is quite a match. The world and his wife knows that James will be a free agent at the end of the season, which throws up the potential that he could leave his beloved Cavs. James so far has not spoken on moving, but it is the silence that propels the rumors.
Why It Won’t Happen
The first thing to note is that the rumors are most probably coming from LA who would love nothing more than James joining their franchise to bring them success that has evaded them since the retirement of Kobe, and the huge marketing revenue which such a deal would bring in.
In order for this move to happen, James would have to leave his hometown team, for a second time, something which would be a PR nightmare for James and his advisors. Lebron is a God in Cleveland and leaving again could well dent his legacy with his hometown fans.
For James to decide to move, he would also have to buy into the project which Lakers coach Luke Walton is putting together, and trust that the franchise could secure some more stars. The word on the block is that the Lakers are looking at tying up the transfers of Paul George and DeMarcus Cousins to team up with James in a Miami Heat-esque trifecta of talent, it would never be Bosh, Wade and James level however.
Finally, James would have to be happy with the fact that he would no longer have seasoned pros on his team and instead work with young up and comers such as Lonzo Ball at the Lakers, a lack of experience which could put the brakes on any success.
In my view, there are too many stars to align for this deal to happen and If the Cavaliers win the title this season, there is absolutely no way that the King of Cleveland, would walk away from the team he loves.