Why is College Football So Popular

Why is College Football So Popular in the USA?
A List of the Top Reasons Why It’s Here to Stay
Professional football is immensely popular in the USA – and this shouldn’t surprise us. After all, the teams are professional, the best in the world. Players get paid handsomely to provide fans with great games and exciting thrills.
What is often less understood is why college football in the USA is so popular, and why some fans are just as fanatical about it as avid online gamers who like to play Football Frenzy at CoolCat Casino. However, college kids are not professionals, and they play while learning, working for diplomas. Still, there’s no doubt: the division is immensely admired. So, why is college football so popular in the USA? Here are the top reasons why.
Great rivalry
There’s no doubt that there is a much greater rivalry in college football than in the NFL. This rivalry is based on location and history, while in the NFL it tends to be more about the players rather than the teams. In college football, there tends to be a greater historical hatred rather than technical opposition; it may not be fair, but it sure makes it much more exciting.
The college culture
College students are known to be hard-drinking kids that love the opportunity to hold an event, and thanks to the pre-game events and the atmosphere surrounding the games, there are very strong bonds which are forged. The stadiums shake as cheers get louder and louder; these are memories every college student treasures.
Different strategies
Once you’ve studied the NFL teams enough, you notice they tend to have the same strategy over and over again; it’s usually something that’s based on the strength of the players. With college football, however, you never quite know what strategy they will employ, both in offense and in defense, simply because they’re not afraid to experiment. This often leads to much more excitement and much less predictability in games.
Unique identities
When it comes to the NFL, there is no particular bond – other than the stadium happens to be located in a certain place. College football is different. College football is about the college and their traditions. They each have unique identities.
There’s no doubt that the media has a large part to play in the popularity of college football as well. Initially, college football was popular, but typically at a local level. But twenty years ago, when sports channels such as ESPN and Fox started broadcasting college games, its popularity began to grow and create a new following. Today there are very few football fans who don’t have an affiliation to a college football team, and this trend is bound to continue. College football is definitely here to stay.
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