Coach Fedora is a Hit with the Ladies

Southern Miss Coach Fedora

Coach Fedora is a Hit with the Ladies

For a mere $25 you can learn about football with Southern Miss coach Larry Fedora…as long as you are a woman. The Football 101: Chalk Talk for Women Clinic is coming up on July 28th. That is all well and good, although the only female I know finds the whole thing slightly offensive. Women can watch games and learn if they don’t understand the game. However, not having to learn from the drunk guys sitting on the couch may be quite beneficial.

Sarah Thomas, the first female Conference USA referee, will perform all those confusing hand signals used during games…the same ones those drunk guys hit each other over the head with when doing them from the couch, but she will actually do them properly. That is a good, worthwhile event.

It is the other “events” that seem a little odd. Whitney Miller, the First Master Chef, from some reality TV show I’ve never heard of will be giving cooking tips for tailgating. And then there is the fashion show, displaying all the new Southern Miss garb. Cooking and fashion shows? That is a little stereotypical.

The few people I allow into my life on a Saturday know their stuff, but I’m sure there are plenty of guys out there who would benefit from some instruction from a referee and Coach Fedora. They will have to learn on the couch.

In any event, running through the tunnel with cheerleaders and Seymour cheering you on must be a thrill to any Southern Miss fan…even if the stadium is empty. The three hour event is presented by the Southern Miss football program and Forrest General Hospital on the evening of Thursday, July 28th. Get on it ladies and you can be even smarter than the men in your life…. more than you already are.



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