South Florida Forces You to Learn the Words

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South Florida Forces You to Learn the Words

How annoying is it when you are at a football game and hear the guy next to you mumbling through the words to the fight song. After spending hundreds of dollars on tickets and all the jerseys and hats and probably the tens of thousands of dollars on tuition, one should know the fight song for their school. Apparently that has not been the case at South Florida.

The Bulls are testing your fight song skills with “Fight Song Fury.” Users must arrange video clips in the proper order to arrange the entire fight song. The fastest times will be posted on the leaderboard and members of the Horns Up network will even receive a Fight Song Fury badge if they are fast enough. At least if you wear your badge we all know who to look at when trying to come up with the words.

And it does not even end there. Fans are encouraged to make their own video with their own versions of the USF Fight Song. The top submissions will be voted on by the fans and each home game will feature one of the seven winners to be shown on the video board prior to kickoff.

I did not do very well on “Fight Song Fury,” but give it a go here.

You can practice with this YouTube video.


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