Ten NBA Games You Should Not Miss


10 NBA 2017-2018 Games You Shouldn't Miss

In every sport, there are sporting events that carry more weight than others. This is akin to a lot of factors, and those are the things that make up the entertainment aspect of the sports. Football clubs spend huge amounts to purchase exceptional players because they will give them good displays on the pitch, and also attract lots of spectators to their games. They make money for the teams, while entertaining lovers of the game. Players make sports activities. That is why some games are seen as classic because of the players involved.

When it comes to basketball which is the livewire of sports in the United States of America, a similar thing is also applicable. There are some clubs that are bigger and more phenomenal than others, and games between or involving one or those will automatically elicit some level of heightened aura. Real lovers of the game wouldn’t want to be told about those moments. The same applies to the players. When games in the NBA involve players like Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, Stephen Curry, LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, new club debuts for Lonzo Ball and Paul George, or classic meetings between big teams, you shouldn’t miss them.

Below is a list of the 10 games you must see, and probably wager on, if you enjoy bets for basketball.

1. Chris Paul’ Debut For Houston Rockets, Oct. 17

This is the first game you should not miss no matter what. Last six seasons saw Chris Paul in the books of the Los Angeles Clippers. But he is now with the Rockets and his debut with them will be on the 17th of October. This will see him take to the court with James Harden, a star of his caliber.  This also signals the opener for the Warriors in terms of the regular season. They will fly their second banner for NBA in the past three years.

2. Boston Celtics at Cleveland Cavaliers, Oct. 17

Boston Celtics have acquired some new hands including Gordon Hayward, and this is the game where he gets to square up against giants like LeBron James in the Cavaliers team. It will also be significant because the Celtics are now the biggest opposition to the Cavaliers in the East Side. In this game, Jayson Tatum will also debut for the Boston side. Both teams will be poised to make a mark.

3. The Debut of No. 1 Picks of the Two Last Drafts, Oct. 18

In the past two drafts, Ben Simmons and Markelle Fultz of the Philadelphia 76ers have been named the No. 1 picks. However, the last season saw Simon not playing a single game due to a foot injury. On the other angle, a lot is being expected of Fultz, especially in their opening fixture against the Washington Wizards.

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4. Lonzo Ball’s First Game with the Los Angeles Lakers, Oct. 19

In the last year, the NBA had an amazing rookie class, which is being considered as one of the best ever. Among them is the very phenomenal Lonzo Ball of the Lakers, whose popularity has placed him in a place of huge expectations. So, when they square up against Clippers with Patrick Beverley that wants Ball quiet all through the game, it will be worth viewing. It’s Magic Johnson's first game in charge of Lakers’ Basketball operations.

5. Paul George’s First Game with the Oklahoma City Thunder, Oct. 19

Paul George sudden trade to the Oklahoma City Thunders is still in people’s minds. However, he meets up with 2017 NBA MVP Russell Westbrook who is still embroiled in a contract saga with the club. But, basketball tips for tonight says that the performance of the duo on the same side against the Knicks will be spellbinding.

6. Kyrie Irving’s First Outing In Cleveland, TBD

Kyrie Irving wants out from the Cavaliers because of LeBron James. He has actually demanded a trade. But the question is whether his first game at the Cavaliers will be for the Cavaliers as an unsatisfied player or for another team where he will look to outshine James. If he is allowed to leave, can Cavaliers bank on James to be there for long?

7.  Carmelo Anthony’s First Appearance at Madison Square Garden, TBD

Carmelo Anthony is one man we don’t know whether he will be plying his trade for the New York Knicks or not when the season starts. Based on his no trade clause, he is looking to be given to the Houston Rockets. Whatever happens, one thing we know is that his first game at the Square Garden will be epic.

8. Demarcus Cousins First Game Against the Sacramento, Oct. 26

The New Orleans Pelicans All-Star center recently made it clear that he is planning on getting a pound of flesh when he meets the Sacramento. His time with them was full of controversies before he was traded without any signs when the 2017 NBA All-Star Game in New Orleans was happening. His anger was that the club planned to move him secretly, and never said anything to him.

9. Golden State Warriors VS San Antonio Spurs, Nov. 2

The San Antonio Spurs will be squaring up against the Warriors with a lot of players out. There will be no All-Star Kawhi Leonard and point guard Tony Parker. They will have to do with Rudy Gay and LaMarcus Aldridge that were just recruited. This will make the game interesting.

10. Cleveland Cavaliers against Golden State Warriors, Dec. 25

For the past three years, the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers have been meeting in the NBA finals. However, the Christmas day of 2017 will see James and his cavalier team mates square up against the Warriors again. No one is sure if Irving will be playing for the Cavaliers, but James can hold up the fight.