College Brain Boosters Can Come In Surprising Forms


College Brain Boosters Can Come In Surprising Forms


Mind Sports

Chess is a mind sport, and so is chance gaming. If you’re unfamiliar with either in terms of sports, that’s certainly understandable. Neither are typically thought of as sporting activity, but you’ve surely seen sporting competitions for both. Chess tournaments have become international. World Series Poker has become increasingly popular.

When it comes to chess, you use your mind to both memorize previous strategies in order to predict opponent’s moves, and simultaneously analyze those moves in real time, adjusting your own offensive strategy as a result. Chess can be played longform or in two-minute games called “bullet” contests. Either way is good for the mind.

When it comes to chance gaming, good arithmetic skills can be refined through wagers. Think of it like a spelling bee for statistics. Especially with games like poker, other gamers’ hands will increase or diminish the statistical likelihood of your hand being that which takes the pot. Additionally, there is some strategy involved.



Sweating Bullets

Poker isn’t a game of chance, it’s a game of skill—with a chance element. Oftentimes people will get some physical activity, too. The term “sweating bullets” is very applicable to many chance gaming endeavors, and if you’ve ever been there yourself, you understand intrinsically.

As far as chance gaming is concerned, an individual looking to boost his or her mind in terms of statistical analysis and strategy might look into coupon options like CasinoCoupons which can be a real moneymaker: “A total of $153,328 has been awarded to Casino Coupons club members.”

Basically, such coupons can be sourced for free just by signing up. Some programs offer “matching” gifts where if you pay in $100 to the casino, you get $100 in credit on top of your initial sum. Certainly this differs per casino, but having an online coupon compendium can come in handy.

In terms of health, though, there is an aspect of both chess and chance gaming that requires close consideration. Stress can have very bad consequences. At the end of strands of DNA is what is called telomerase. Telomerase erodes like the tape at the end of a shoestring due to stress. Maintaining telomerase is good for your health.

Good And Bad Stress

Here’s the thing: there is good stress and bad stress. Good stress is the kind you get when working out, bad stress would be the kind you might get if you were hit by a car while crossing the street. With both chess and chance gaming, you have the propensity for either.

With chess, especially if you’re good, the pressure will be on you to outperform opponents. You must remember at the end of the day it’s only a game, or you’ll be second-guessing yourself on a missed move for weeks to come. The idea is to have fun while increasing your mental capacity, not beat yourself up over an accident.

With chance gaming, the problem compounds. With your money on the line, you could lose a living situation should you get too far into gambling debt. This means you want to start out with small sums and coupons before you make big wagers, and always know when to quit. Perhaps set up for yourself a buy-in limit at the beginning, and stick to it.



Boosting Your Brain

The human mind is a strange thing, and new aspects of its operation are being discovered daily. Corpina of offers: “Daily articles about neuroscience and brain health”. A resource for mental function, you may be able to find other mind-boosting supplements or strategies at sites like this.