Several differences between brilliant and poor essay writing


Is Your Essay Good or Bad?

Do you ask yourself a question whether an essay that you have already written is fitting the standards and requirements of your teacher or not? If yes, check the validity and correctness of your work with our essential secrets of a good essay. In another case, you can always make a request like: "Scooby do my essay for me”. Then, it will be certainly the best paper ever!

However, you still must learn how to generate ideas and write them down by yourself. That is why sit and look at the major aspects useful for your composition.

Traits of a Good Essay

Not every piece of writing is credible and brilliant enough. Besides, not every student can distinguish whether his or her paper will bring a good mark or not. There is no universal recipe for an ideal essay; every aspect is very common and reasonable so that it is easy to single out some excessive traits.

For people hesitating in the correctness of their scientific paper, we have prepared several common aspects an interesting academic work should contain:

  1. 1. A proper essay is centered on an idea throughout the entire text. By avoiding some unnecessary information that is likely to confuse a reader, you create an interesting and persuasive piece of writing. Besides, your reader won’t want to skip paragraphs, gulping the material fully instead. 
  2. 2. Make it more readable! Support your thesis and argumentation clearly. If you think that a scientific paper must be overloaded with long sentences and complicated vocabulary, it is an absolute delusion. A proper essay presents information in a concise and clear way.
  3. 3. very reputable argumentation is not based on some myths and assumptions. People need only reliable pieces of evidence and facts. Moreover, it should convey some benefit for the society and modern life, not to say about the value of the study.
  4. 4. Mind words and phrases included in your piece of writing to flow smoothly on a sheet. A proper work contains paragraphs connected with each other with the help of some transitional sentences. Make it exciting for the reader to get acquainted with your text.

What does Make My College Paper Horrible?

Apart from the previous features helping to find out what a great academic work you have written, these several points aren’t aimed at improving your writing skills. However, you may always keep in mind what may lead to a failing paper composition. If you have noted all these aspects in your work, and there is no point left, our congratulations! You have just written the worst essay ever!

Behold the most dreadful mistakes of an essay composition:

  1. 1. Nothing broad, only narrow topics! In other words, a subject for an academic work shouldn’t be too popular or too unique. How many sources on the subject have you found? Probably not many.
  2. 2. Don’t make the theme too common and cliched. A reader will be bored by reading on a frequently described subject earlier but having nothing interesting today.
  3. 3. Mind your tone! Don’t forget about composing a scientific paper in a certain formal manner by avoiding personal pronouns, abbreviations, slang, and some inappropriate words.

These fundamental sins of students are frequent phenomena, so keep in mind what traps to avoid while writing a paper.

So what? Is your essay good or bad?